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Why Marijuana Should be Legalized in The United States

My reasons and ideas why marijuana should be legalized in the United States.

 Should marijuana be legalized? In my opinion it should. There are several reasons that promote this concept in my mind. I am aware that a lot of people feel that legalizing marijuana would be detrimental to society. Whether you are pro or con, read through my reasons and see if they might change your view or just give you something to contemplate.

 1 Taxes Taxes Taxes

 If marijuana was legalized it could be taxed. Just like cigarettes or alcohol, marijuana could be taxed heavily at each purchase. this would provide a new source of tax income for the government that would not affect the majority of society. Some of the new tax income could be used in the regulation of the newly legalized marijuana.

 2. Government regulation.

 If marijuana was legalized, it would allow the government to regulate it. This would help ensure that any marijuana purchased would be free of dangerous additives. The government could also enact laws as to the safe usage of marijuana. For instance, making it illegal to drive while using marijuana. This would also allow for a source of income as violators of the new laws would be required to pay hefty fines similar to the fines imposed upon drunk drivers.

 3. Removing the criminal element.

 By legalizing marijuana, the criminal aspects could be ended. There would no longer be a huge profit in illegally growing and selling marijuana. This would also prevent people receiving jail time from illegally selling or buying marijuana. There could also be an amnesty provided to people already serving time for marijuana related crimes. This would free up much needed prison space in our over crowded prisons while saving tax payer money required to house these individuals this would also free up task force personnel allowing them to focus there efforts on more detrimental drugs.

 4. Less harmful than alcohol.

 Alcohol is already a legal drug and has been proven to be more harmful than marijuana. Alcohol is addictive, causes health issues and makes people do stupid things while under its influence. You don’t see news stories about someone using marijuana and beating there wife. Marijuana does not elicit violent actions from people using it. Marijuana has been proven to not be physically addictive, however there can be a mental addiction. Marijuana actually has medicinal uses and can be beneficial to ones health.

 5. Current use.

 Marijuana is already being widely used illegally. i don’t think that legalizing marijuana would create a huge increase in use. lets be honest, if someone wants to purchase marijuana, they can currently obtain it illegally with ease. Other countries have legalized marijuana without indecent. These other countries could be used as a template for legalizing marijuana in the United Sates.

 I am aware that there are cons associated with legalizing marijuana. We would need laws regulating the use of marijuana. We would need government agencies to regulate the sale of marijuana. There may be an increased amount of people using marijuana. However, i think that the pros out weigh the cons. You may not agree and that is you right as an individual. It is still a very interesting subject to debate.

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