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Why Washington Needs Dr. Turi

You bet they need me but they will never ask for me!

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

Shame and blame: Why Washington needs couples therapy

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If it feels like a child helplessly watching bickering parents repeat a dysfunctional cycle of disagreement, recrimination and contempt while not addressing the root cause of what’s wrong in their relationship, there’s good reason.

Dear Readers;

What I can guaranteeing you is; without cosmic consciousness President Obama and all our politicians are clueless of the current Taurus (economy/money/banks/security) Dragon’s Tail  plaguing their lives stimulating more fears for the future of the country!  

See those political opposing parties as a cosmic unconscious Joe Six Packs and his wife Sally Sue trying to raise their family watching the value of their house going down the drain, while the price of gas and food is exploding! And those are the lucky ones because the employment situation is still deplorable. 

The opposite Scorpius Draconus Dragon makes them behave like over emotional, disrespectful animals tearing themselves apart! More than any America family those in power not only need my help but can not afford to ignore the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. And this nasty insecure  Taurus (security) Dragon is with us until February 2014! 

The daily chain of Scorpius dramatic news are very obvious with children killing their mothers, mothers killing children, children killing children, the mob getting more daring, the Pope predicted dismissal not to forget the largest natural disasters…Yes this world is gone mad and keep going out of order… Signs of the deadly Scorpius Dragon are all over, even in the sky with large killer meteors acting as omens your political, religious and scientists elites can not read!  

So what can we do personally or globally  to stop this chain of evil and the most destructive Dragon humanity  is currently experiencing?  What should be done to stop, then reverse its destructive power before its too late for all human beings? Ask the upcoming new Pope to ask God? That will not work because God’s experts do not know, see, read or perceive God’s celestial divinity! 

In a world where all leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

Dr. Turi

Incidentally there is only ONE answer, a real solution to this humongous problem and the answers I have for you is much more simple than you could ever imagine… First let me explain a few things about what it means to be human and bring you right back to when you were a child living at home with your parents….

Incidentally at a very young age, I felt “ like a child helplessly watching my bickering parents repeat a dysfunctional cycle of disagreement, recrimination and contempt while not addressing the root cause of what’s wrong in their relationship, there’s good reason.” 63 years later , now that I own Cosmic Consciousness I can understand the problem very precisely and will share it with you…and with it the answers needed to win the battle against this deadly insecure dramatic money / power hungry Dragon…  


Cosmic Coders Only

Cosmic Coders Only


We are facing the end of days as written in the Bible, and it is obvious that America is under judgment. It is imperative, especially now, that we develop a close relationship with our Creator Jesus. In these end … Radio Preacher Man

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