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Why We Should Raise Our Kids in The City:

There are some logical reasons why one should raise one’s kids in the city, here I tried to mention all these reasons along with some valuable suggestions for parents living in the city.

Although raising kids in the city means they miss some experiences of pastoral life, but there are some logical reasons for which we should, If possible, raise our kids in the city. Here, I’m going to discuss about the issue. If you think you should know about the issue, and then just go through the following writings-

1.       Outdoor activities:

In cities, it is comparatively easy to facilitate your kids to explore lots of outdoor activities. For example: in New York horseback riding facility can be found only at two places in Manhattan, there are facilities of pools for public or you can get safe road for riding bike. While raising your kids in the city, make sure that they are exploring the facilities of that city.

2.       Explore a Lot:

There is no doubt that if you are living in a city then obviously you will have more opportunities to do, explore, learn & enjoy. There are some people said that those kids rising in city don’t possess good behavior but this is totally wrong. Kids that rose in the city are always busy with their study & other activities such as museums, zoo, arts or festivals, so there is a good chance of being a good man.  

3.       Growing Up:

Kids that are growing up in city have much more opportunities to know about others’ culture, tradition along their own. They will have much more platform to express themselves, to be what they want to be. There are more opportunities to join different activities as one like such as football club, baseball tournaments, basketball team, cricket coach etc. let your child do, what they love to do.

4.       Easier Transition:

Kids that are growing up in the city are used to know how things are actually happen that basically make it comparatively easier transition to real life from one’s college life.

5.        Comfortable with Diversity:

City kids are more capable of getting adjusted with diversified people than others. There are some definite reasons behind it such as the people to whom they are grown up such as their neighbors, friends, classmates, teachers all are from variety of backgrounds.

6.       Independent:

Research finds that people that were grown up in the city prefers independency than those of rural areas because city people are grown up in this ways. Besides they prefer to take any challenges as opportunities.

Suggestions for City Parents:

1.       There are many bad words are in real world. While growing up your kids in any city you should let them know about the life in rural areas & make them understand the meaning of real life & promote them to avoid wrong & bad activities for themselves, their family & for the country.

2.       While raising your kids in the city, make sure that he/she can drive since there is no alternative of it.

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