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Wife of Bin Laden Lived in a Hideout for The Past Six Years!

We hear something new about the Al Qaeda leader on daily basis. Media report about his death, conspiracies surrounding his supposed death, and now even family matters. Seems that everybody is looking for more answers.
Are the many wives of Bin Laden capable of giving some clues and classified information?

ISLAMABAD – The wife of Osama Bin Laden, a native of Yemen, said to the members of Pakistan’s intelligence service that for the past six years she has lived in Abotabada city in Pakistan, and has never left the upper floors of the house. This place was considered to be the last hideout of Al Qaeda’s leader Bin Laden.

As the media report today, however, Bin Ladens Yemeni women did not state whether she was living there since the period of 2006 together with her husband Osama Bin Laden.

Image by Paul Keller via Flickr

This woman is one of three women of Bin Laden that the Pakistani authorities are investigating. The authorities are also holding eight of the nine children of Bin Laden that were found on the property at Abotabada, after the attacks of American commandos, who supposedly killed the leader of Al Qaeda in a military action performed on 2nd May 2011.

Authorities are hoping that the wives of Bin Laden are going to provide information about how the first man of Al Qaeda lived, and provide information on the operation of Al Qaeda.

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