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Will Jodi Arias Become The 4th Woman on Arizona’s Death Row?

Testimony resumes today in the Jodi Arias murder trial.

Testimony is expected to resume today with murder defendant Jodi Arias back on the stand, inching her way to June 4, 2008 – the date she killed 30 year old Travis Alexander in his Mesa, Arizona home.  Arias has been on the witness stand for 6 days, as the jury hears about her childhood and being beaten with a wooden spoon by her mother, her previous relationships with men and how she met the man she is on trial for killing.  During her testimony, allegations against the victim have been sordid and explicit.  Arias has shocked the jury and the world with claims that Travis Alexander was a sexual deviant who had an attraction to young boys, young girls, and had an affair with a married woman.  Although she has made these claims in open court, there is little if any evidence pointing to the validity of her claims.

In one of the trials most dramatic and shocking moments, the defense played an audio recording in open court between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander – dubbed “the phone sex” tape, Arias claims she recorded it at the request of Travis Alexander, although many doubt Alexander knew the conversation was being recorded.  The tape was made a few weeks before the killing.  The recording was so explicit, networks had to run a delay in order to edit it for it’s adult content.  The audio tape provided jurors with a voice of the murder victim, and more importantly it provided them with a look into what I believe to be the real Jodi Arias.  Arias has described in painstaking detail her sexual encounters with Alexander, much to the pain of his family and friends. She has portrayed herself as someone who participated in these encounters in an effort to please Travis Alexander,  but who otherwise would have preferred not to.

In the audio recording, one thing seems clear – Arias not only was a willing and mutual participant in this behavior, but she seemed to fully enjoy and encourage it.  This brings her credibility into focus.  Arias isn’t as innocent as she has portrayed.  I believe the audio tape is a more accurate account of what their relationship was all about.  Alexander was a Mormon, and although he may have strayed from the vow of chastity with Jodi Arias, his Mormon upbringing seemed to be very important to him.  It was so important to him that Arias herself began studying the Mormon teachings and had Alexander “baptize” her.  Did she use his faith against him by recording this conversation to use at a later date against him? She alleges this wasn’t their first “phone sex” call, yet this is the only one she saved.  Why did she save that tape?  If he really wanted her to record their encounters so he could listen to them at a later date, why hadn’t she forwarded the call to him?

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