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Will Marijuana be Legal by 2014?

It is very likely that marijuana will be legal recreationally within the next few years.

In California the previous November it was voted on whether marijuana is to be legalized for possession of under an ounce for people over the age of 21. Despite it loosing 53% to 46%, it was a close call and many people have complained about Proposition 19 having many flaws. Marijuana as of right now is legal for medicinal purposes in exactly fifteen states. This means that a patient can get a “license” that allows them to use marijuana to treat certain illnesses under state law, but still not federal law. As of right now marijuana is placed in the schedule 1 category along with heroin, meaning it has no medicinal worth. Cocaine and methamphetamine are said to have more medicinal value than marijuana, placing them in schedule 2 where they can be federally legal. Marijuana was placed in this category back in the early 20th century when the medicinal use of marijuana wasn’t discovered yet. That needs to change.

Each year more people from California support the legalization of marijuana. Proposition 19 was rather close to passing, but doing as good as it did with the loop holes it had was outstanding. It is very possible that another bill like the recent one will come up in the year 2012, and it may pass then. If not, it is highly likely of such a bill passing in 2014. Just because it may become legal in California doesn’t mean that it will make it any less illegal anywhere else in the United States. Though, there is the possibility of other states following and legalizing it too. It may cause a chain-reaction.

Through recent research and non-biased data it has been proven over and over that cannabis (marijuana) use is not nearly as harmful as it was thought to be. There is no accurate scientific data that says it kills brain cells or lowers the immune system. There aren’t even any documented cases of marijuana directly causing lung cancer in a patient. This is not to say that it is healthy for anybody, but it just isn’t harmful as most people might think.

If legalized, marijuana will also create a new billion dollar industry that will fund for state taxes and help bring the economy out of debt. Much of the money that funds gangs and criminals could go to the government instead, thus drastically lowering crime rates as well and help the current overcrowding jail problems. It is time for a change. It is time to legalize marijuana.


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