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Wwiii: The War That Ends in a Minute

If WWIII is to happen, how long will we suffer? Minutes, Hours, days, Months or Years?

Why WWIII would last minutes

Few nights ago, my brother and I were arguing what WWIII would b like. It was late at night, and my parents were not really impressed. Anyhow, that is irrelevant to the story. We were debating about how long the war would last. My brother was making these points:

1: Shelling would be effective

2: It is way too expensive for US to fire so many nuclear weapons.

3: Army, or men, will be the deciding factor.

I felt these points are rather ridiculous, and here are the reasons why.

1: US would not care about the expenses- in a war, who would care about how much you spent. The US are spending over one trillion dollars in fighting jets in the next 20 years or so, and their national defensive budget is the one of the highest among the world. In an event of a war, it is basically do or die: you go all in. If one is overly concerned about their budget, then he would lose.  You would rather rebuild your economy after the world rather than getting destroyed and trying to establish a new country out of the ashes. If US is spending that much money during a peace era, than who knows how much they would spend in a real war.

2: My brother’s first point is completely ridiculous. No country would sit there and get bombard by shells. They will respond and fire as well. The two, or rather many, shells will included ones that are served for the purpose of destroying the opponent’s bomb. IN the end, we would just have debris lying in the ocean for the first few minutes.

3: His third point is obnoxious. Men do not suite the style of 21st century. They are too slow, too vulnerable, and cost more. In reference to my journal about US and Iraq, a deceased soldier would mean lost of future tax and economy benefits. Sending men out there is like handing them to Death.

Now why WWIII would end within days or even hours:

First of all, I wish and hope WWIII would never be upon us. However, with North Korea and Iraq developing nuclear weapons, the war may seem unavoidable. The war would end within a short period of time because the war would be completely computerized. Pressing a button to fire or even ordering commands would take to long: a time to do a snap would allow would allow a computer to do billions of calculation. So by the time you give out orders and prepare to fire, a computerized war would fire over 50 missiles already. With ever-advancing technology, the number could even be higher by the end of 2020. The whole war would boil down to one thing: how fast the computer is. Faster by a split second would mean firing more missiles, and therefore the chances of winning the war. These rapid firing would mean war ending rather quickly than before.So tell me what you think the outcome of WWIII would be like.

The Iran Nuclear Time-Bomb (Photo credit: Richard Loyal French)

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