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Youth and Crime: Who is to Blame?

The indulgence of youth on criminal activities is highly dependant on their upbringing and the parent child relationship.

The indulgence of youth on criminal activities is highly dependant on their upbringing and the parent child relationship. Kids who are exposed to harsh and abusive environments are highly likely to develop criminal tendencies in the course of their life. Parental inadequacy is said to be a major cause of youth crime. When parent fail to provide their children with guidance, mentorship and love the effects may last well into adulthood and affecting them psychologically, emotionally and even physically.

A child will tend to copy the parents behavior assuming it’s the society acceptable way of life. Parents who are violent or cause conflicts within the family or in the society are highly likely to be negatively envied and their character copied by their children.

Communication breakdown is also another major factor that contributes to the moral decadence amongst the youth. A child who has no one in the family to consult or confide to when in a problem will turn to their peer friends for help. Most of these friends have little life experience to offer advice and in most cased they will mislead each other.

Children brought up in slum areas are exposed to many dangers and are likely to engage themselves into criminal activities as a result of peer influence. The rate of crime is usually very high in the slums due to the hard way of life. Most of the youth in these areas has little or no education or training and thus no prospects of meaningful employment.

The harsh way of life and the constraining economic environment propels these youth to engage into criminal activities as a way of escaping from poverty and lawlessness that defines the way of life in these areas .Parents bringing up their children in these areas should be keen on their children’s behavior and be on look out for behavior deviation.

 The Governments should take deliberate action to curb the unemployment cases among the youth since this is a major contributing factor to youth crime. In most of the developing countries the Unemployment levels are so high with more uneducated youth. Those with a considerable education are languishing in life together with the uneducated ones. This makes them lose a purpose in life and become hopeless and may result into criminal activities and other lawless activities.

The major issue here is “Who is to blame” The parents, the society and the government are all to be blamed for the increasing levels of youth crime in our countries. The government should thus carry out their role on policy making and implementation   as the parents nurture their children well through good upbringing .The society should also take its  role of  creating a conducive environment  for the  growth of our children.

In conclusion we should stop shifting  blame  on  parent and  government  on the increasing  rate of  crime amongst the youth  and take it as an individual duty to see our youth  being nurtured well and given the opportunities to exploit their talents and careers

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