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10 Ways to Say Hello in English

With today’s diverse culture and mixed languages, there are so many different ways to greet a person upon meeting them. If you like to stick out from the crowd, trying saying “hello” in a way that no one else around you does.

1. “Hi”

This one is really common, and usually just considered a shortened version of “Hello”

2. “Yo!”

There are many theories about how this one develop, but just the same it still means “Hello”.

3. “Greetings”

This is an older form of saying “hello”, but one that sticks out well in a community of “helloes”.

4. “Hey”

Not the Hay for horse, but the “Hey” for “Hello”!

5. “Howdy”

It’s always been considered a very western or country tradition to use this form of greeting.

6. “Ho”

This one is not used so much in this century, as it has dawned meanings to other things. But it could still considered a good way to shake things up when you greet someone.

7. “Hiya”

This is generally considered to be used by someone in a good or excited mood, and always makes a person look up.

8. “Wasabi”

This one is a funny one, and is definitely out of the ordinary. Often used by the creative as a form of saying “What’s Up” in place of “Hello”

9. “Wassup?”

This is one of the children of the 90’s and is often used more in chat rooms than it is in person. It is another form of “What’s Up”.

10. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening

These are all great ways to say hello, and they all have that very “professional” air to them.

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