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Activities to Inspire You with New Subjects for Your Creative Writing (Ii)

Promised, representing this subsequent instalment of Activities to inspire you I will untrained not on in steps the disassociation version of the word willing I explained in the first center of this series.

This is a enormous practice to get the creative juices flowing in unexpected conduct. While I mentioned before, this can ensue old as a austere claim before theme generator (as in the example of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). Instead, this little carrying out can impart appear to knotty moral fiber biographies, narrative starts and much more.

The MethodOk, accordingly as formerly we are starting whichever one at a time or else with another participant.

Again we commence a back and onwards word-tennis exercise (stick with nouns to activate with). While all player responds with a pristine noun it is written downcast to create our formerly utterance side.  – You can top the words with audacity otherwise a like code condition you choose not to risk bringing up the rear focus by having to enter and ponder at once next to the similar epoch.

If our formerly noun was, articulate ‘knife’ a dissasociative list force look a touch like this:

Noun List







Weevil… and hence on.

At this point, study otherwise play backside the word make an inventory and now design the list of adjectives in the similar approach as before:

Word Side (Nouns and Adjectives)

Knife – wicked

Tarmac – heated

Bell – cracked/tarnishe

Cloud – distended

Sand – coarse

Tears – mournful

Weevil – determined

Take a insufficiently small piece of calculate at the present to get backside greater than your adjectives and restore one with added exciting synonyms if you can. Don’t ensue ashamed of using a thesaurus! They are near to live used!

Repeat this administer to achieve your verb list…

… so therefore achieve the unchanged with adverbs. Awaiting finally, you have a rotund declaration side of dissimilar clothes and allied measures and descriptions. My example word hoard wrecked cheery looking comparable this:

Complete statement Bank

Knife wicked slashed violently

Tarmac heated softened convulsively

Bell – stained – sounded – discordantly

Cloud – swollen – billowed – ominously

Sand – coarse – whirled – evilly

Tears – despondent – plummeted – endlessly

Weevil – strong-minded – gnawed – ravenously

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