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Body Language: What Does the Position of Your Feet Say About You?

A guide to the body language of feet.

As typical human beings, we’re often unaware of our movements or how other people interpret them. Out of all of our body parts, feet are probably the body part that we have the least conscious control over, but their position in various situations can give us clues about a person’s secret desires.

Are the feet crossed or uncrossed? If you’re near a person, notice if their feet are crossed at the ankles or if they’re pointed outward from each other. If their feet are crossed, it could indicate apprehensiveness or an unwillingness to engage in the current conversation. Because crossed feet take up less room than feet that are spread out from each other, crossed feet could also indicate submissiveness. If the feet are uncrossed, however, the person may feel more open to discussion or comfortable in his surroundings. To better determine the emotions of the individual, examine their other body language in combination with the feet.

Where does the sole of the foot point? If a person’s foot is resting on the heel with the sole pointing outward, this could be a dominance symbol; because the person is exposing a tender body part, he or she feels comfortable in their surroundings. If the person is resting his foot on the side with the sole pointed inward, however, this could indicate discomfort or nervousness because he is unconsciously protecting the bottom of his foot.

Are the feet resting on the knees? If the person is sitting with both feet resting on their knees and the soles of their feet pointing behind them, this could indicate either apprehensiveness or comfort. To distinguish between the two emotions, examine the rest of the body. If the body is hunched forward, the person might feel uncomfortable in his surroundings, but if the person is leaning back, then he is taking up more space and thus displaying confidence in the current situation. If one foot is resting on a knee, use the same rules, but pay attention to where the foot points. The direction of the foot may indicate an object or person of interest to the individual.

Where do the feet point? Whether the person is standing or sitting, pay attention to where the feet point. If the feet are pointing to an exit, this likely indicates that the individual desires to depart from the current situation. The feet could also point towards an area of the room the individual finds of particular interests or even an individual. If their feet point towards a person, this could indicate affinity for that particular human being or even a romantic interest. To better distinguish the reason for the pointing, examine other body language clues.

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