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Definition of Filipino Culture

This is my opinion of how I perceived Filipino Culture & Superstitions that I found funny.

Filipino culture is diversified with various traditions and norms from which made it so interesting to hear stories about a certain folklores and other related stories which is covered with mysticisms. This is my own interpretation of some of the local belief and superstitions that I found it funny but existing in the barrios. These common superstition called “usog or bati” in Tagalog, “nananungan” for the Ibanag or “tuyaw” in Ilonggo. These superstitions had a funny recognition because it rooted form the word usog in English meaning to moved or moved a little bit. But from this superstition belief in the annals of the Filipino traditions this has recognition.

It is said that a person afflicted with the so called “usog or bati” is suffering from nausea, vomiting and unpleasant condition of the body of the person that is being under “usog o bati”. This is cause from the certain utterance of the person with this kind of powers of a bati. In western countries this is related as a cast spell or a hex most commonly known as person with a black tongue.

As a cure to this kind of supernatural ailment, local residents usually resort to alternative healing such as medicinal healing, supernatural consultation from the elders or albularyos (known as witch doctors) other believed that the saliva of the person who causes it can make the situation better. Another common knowledge that the leaves of a certain citrus tree known as Caramay tree can cure the person by simply slashing the whole twig of that tree to the person afflicted.

It really sounds funny to hear regarding these thoughts, what if the person who is causing the “usog or bati” had not brushed his teeth for a month, try to imagine if his saliva became as powerful as of the komodo dragon or what if the “usog” is so severe, is it alright to tied the person along on the Caramay tree until the “usog” subsided?. These supernatural traditions had been handed down thru words of mouth and with no medical and scientific explanations. They simply continue to last because of the common practices thru alternative medication. Filipino culture is indeed colorful which made us so distinctly unique from other race.

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