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English vs. Persian

In this essay I described some of the diffrences of structure,meaning,form and so on betweenEnglish and Persian.

English and Persian have some differences .I classify them as following:

The alphabet of these two languages are different.Persian,s alphabet is very similiar to Arabic but English alphabet is similiar to western languages.

They are different in sentence structure too.In English after the subject we have a verb but in persian verb is in the end of the sentence.In Persian after the subject we faced with direct object.

In English we have this pattern adjective+noun but in Persian we have noun+adjective.

In Persian dictation and reading are very near but in English sometimes we read the words in a different manner if we compare it with Persian.

In Persian verbs have some suffixes that we can infer the subject from them but in English we havent this capacity.

English speakers are more candid than Persian speakers we can find this in surveying the sentences and texts in both languages.Persian people underline over politeness of speech more than English people and this is a difference of culture that we can see it in language forms and meaning.

So,we can say every language has its properties and languages are different because they have different systems.In Holy Quran we read that these diffrences between languages and people are signs and people according to these signs know each other .

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