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Expressing Your Love / Wooing Someone in French

French is "la langue d’amour," or "the language of love," according to some. Impress your first date or significant other with these few key phrases and their pronounciations en français!

If you’ve ever heard French spoken softly, passionately, ardently, or with emotion, you know how incredibly beautiful and élégant it sounds.

The beautiful harmonization and tones are chocolat to the ears, and speaks of sexiness, high and refined class, educatedness, and love.

Here’s a list of wonderful compliments, flirts, and other key phrases that will win hearts! Allons-y! (Let’s go!)

Note: for pronunciations, put subtle emphasis on the words or syllables that are capitalized. If you’re aiming for that wonderful French accent, look on up “how to pronounce French” on YouTube for instructions!

I love you.

Je t’aime. (zhuh TEM – note: zh as in the “s” in measure)

You are _______. 

Tu es __________. (too ay)

You are very _________.

Tu es très ________. (too ay TRAY)

You are so ________.

Tu es si _________. (too ay SEE)


Addressing a male: … beau (BO H)

Addressing a female: … belle (BELL)


Addressing a male: … intelligent (ANN-tell-ee-zhon)

Addressing a female: … intelligente (ANN-tell-ee-zhont)


Addressing a male: … mignon (meen-YON)

Addressing a female: … mignonne (meen-YONN)

I love you, and will always be there for you.

Je t’aime, et je serai toujours là pour toi. (zhuh TEM, ay zhuh sur-AY too-ZHEUR lah poor TWAH.)

Would you like to go out with me?

Voudrais-tu sortir avec moi ? (voo-JRAY too sor-TEER ah-VEC mwah)

tonight/this evening

ce soir (suh SWAR)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Je te remercie du fond de mon coeur. (zhuh tuh reh-mair-SEE doo FON deh mon KEUR)

You make me very happy.

If you are a male, say: Tu me rend très heureux. (too muh RON trayz eur-EUH.)

If you are a female, say: Tu me rend très heureuse. (too muh RON trayz eur-EUHZ.)

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