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Health: Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language.

Research has shown that a baby’s brain development is faster than their vocabulary. Babies know what they want and when they want, before they are able to ask for it.

Would not it be encouraging if your baby let you know when they are hungry, thirsty, tired or cold. This may be when you and your baby learn some simple signs using a unique e-book of baby sign cue cue marks our 50 first baby.

There are many benefits of using sign language with your baby’s cues. Much recent research on infants has resulted cue marks and some of the benefits as below:

Benefits of sign language infant cues:

    Signs cues reduce stress for you and your baby.
    Your baby will rarely cry and sulk as a result of reduced stress.
    The sign will not impede pronunciation cues and language development. This will improve and raced.
    Signs cues can help you as a parent; know what your baby likes and dislikes, to tell you when your baby is tired, let you know when your baby is hungry or thirsty, help you identify if your baby is injured or ill, let your baby communicate using a simple gesture marks (drink, more, eat, be and again).
    You’ll spend less time playing “the guessing game” trying to guess what your baby actually want.
    Your baby or child will be happy if they were able to communicate their thoughts and desires.
    Your baby will increase the level of confidence and self-esteem is higher.

Many people think that babies that are taught sign language gesture will be slower to learn to speak. Although this is actually not the case. The truth is the opposite. Research has shown that babies who are taught sign cue will be more motivated and eager to talk faster than a baby or child who never communicated before.

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