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Language as a Tool of Communication

Language is very important for effective communication. So let us look at some of the basic features of language.

    It is well-established fact effective communication is made possible with the help of language. You do not have to be a linguist in order to acquire good language skills. However, a basic knowledge of the theory of language will certainly help you to understand the intricacies of writing and speaking clearly, So let us look at some of the basic features of language.

    When you try to define language, the first thing that comes to mind is words. Language employs a combination of words to communicate ideas in a meaningful way. By changing the word in a sentence. you can change its meaning, and even make it meaningless.

    How did words acquire their meanings? What, for example, is the connection between a wooden plank balanced on four legs and the word ‘ table ‘? The answer is that there is no obvious correlation between the symbol and its meaning, as language is arbitrary. When language first came into being, a community of people agreed to represent a certain object or idea by a specific sound or symbol. In the very first words, there may have  been some correlation between the symbol and the sense-they may have been onomatopoeic. A few such words that still persist in the English language are buzz, drizzle, and murmur. In fact most words evoke certain meanings. Thus language is directly dependent on people and cannot specific meanings. Thus language and cries. Much later, as human beings became more interdependent and complex, language came into being, Of course, though it is accepted that language is universal, it cannot be denied that it is also specific to the individual. When you use it, you reflect your personality and your thoughts.

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