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Learning Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners

Tips to learn Indonesian language easily.

As I told before that I will continue this subject about learning Bahasa Indonesia, I will introduce three section for you : Reading, Writing, Grammar. These subject actually very basic. Hopefully, helpful to understand Indonesian language.

Reading (Part One)

Kata ( Word).

Usually, words in Indonesian language consist of syllable which has consonant followed by vowel. We pronunciate word by looking their syllable, cut the word by looking the vowel after consonant.

Example : Makan (eat) = Ma + Kan . This word Makan, consist of ma and kan. M followed by a become ma, and K followed by a become Ka, and closed with n, become kan.

Kasir = Ka + sir ( Cashier)

Minta = Min + ta (ask, request)

So, to make it easier for you, just remember that every consonant in Bahasa Indonesia’s words should married with vowel.

There are exceptions for infix, like: ng and ny.

Exercise : Read a poetry, after that try to make analysis of all words in that poetry like examples I have given above.

Writing (Part One)

Capital letter for name (person) and the beginning of a sentence.

Marice ( name ), M should capital letter.

Menulis kalimat dengan lengkap. ( sentence, should with capital letter at the beginning)

Grammar (Part One)

Kata sifat ( adjective), Kata kerja ( verb), Kata benda ( noun)

Example : mencari (looking for ), membaca ( read), menulis ( write) = kata kerja

Paman (Uncle ), Sepeda motor ( motorcycle), gelas ( cup) = kata benda

Marah (angry), ramah ( friendly) = adjective.

Kata tanya ( Question words) :

Apa ( What), Mengapa (Why), Siapa ( Who), Dimana (Where), Kemana ( to where),Darimana ( from where) , Kapan (When), Bagaimana ( How).

Kata sambung ( conjunction) : dan (and), serta ( together with), meski ( although), namun, tetapi, (but) , hingga (until) , bagai (kind, type), sambil (while, at the same time)

Kata bantu bilangan ( Words which use to replace some standard of measurement)

Sebatang , sehelai, semangkok, secangkir, sepiring, etc.

These words with prefix “se” , means one. Batang, helai, mangkok, cangkir, piring, are measurement tools. Cangkir ( cup). So, when you say secangkir its means a cup of ( liquid, tea, coffe, etc).

Example : Saya meminum secangkir kopi ( I drunk a cup of coffee).

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