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Mama’s Boys

A French mother and her 40 year old son were at odds over a wife (alleged alcoholic). She had been supporting the son with her finances.

A French mother and her 40 year old son were at odds over a wife (alleged alcoholic). She had been supporting the son with her finances. The son was divorced from the wife initiated by the latter over one incidence of loud music and excessive drinking on the part of the wife. The French mother called the police and the wife promptly filed for a divorce from the French woman’s son. The mother had been detrimental in her French comments in front of the now divorced wife and her son in the past, clearly letting it be known that their was no love between them except that of the son.

The issue of money ruled the relation ship between the mother and son causing him to stay with the French mother for fear of riding a scooter and living in an apartment. The mother purchased a Mercedes because it would not fit into the garage and she reasoned to give the vehicle to her son. Dr. Phil said that the French mother mentioned money about 30 or 40 times on the show and asked her “what about happiness.”? Then the son revealed that he was still seeing the ex-wife who was later brought to the program. The French mother was not surprised that her son was still seeing the ex-wife and said that explained the money she had spent on his recent Cancun vacation for the two of them at that time unintelligible to her. The French woman was prepared however and took a letter from her purse from the ex-wife’s mother also indicating that the ex-wife was an excessive drinker. The ex-wife was surprised and furiously started calling the French mother “crazy.” The French woman was calm and smartly with demure had brought all that she needed to help her just in case Dr. Phil has asked the ex-wife to be on the show as a surprise guest.

At the end of the program, Dr. Phil offered job placement help for the spoiled mother-attached son while shaking hands with the French mother in agreement. Of money and happiness, the French woman realized the importance of resources just as her son who had dared not to move out of her house on his substitute teacher’s salary. Astonishing, the moment the French mother produced the damaging letter from the ex-wife’s mother; the son did not come to the defense of the ex-wife though they had remained friends after the divorce. The unusual triangle had been broken. The son may be forced to move out of the French mother’s house for betrayal with using her money on the vacation with his ex-wife. The ex-wife may not speak to the son because he did not come to her defense when the French mother made the letter from her mother public information about her excessive drinking. The son did not come to the ex-wife’s defense when the French mother made the attack on the ex-wife though she was in tears.

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