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Mostly used words

Important observation

Ever wondered what are the most frequently used words used in this world? Whether the language is English or Hindi or Deutsch or any other language, these 2 words are said in their original form irrespective of any change in their translation from one language to another. Guess…


Let me tell you. They are SORRY and THANK YOU. This was simple right but we never think about how many times we use these words in our daily life since they are now embedded in our daily speaking style. For even a small mistake a person is supposed to promptly say SORRY whether or not he means it is a second issue. Similarly we say THANK YOU for each and every damn small favor which is ridiculous sometimes. This behavior is OK only if we are dealing with complete strangers or we really mean when we are using these words. Otherwise it just seems as if we are following a pre-defined custom and do it thoughtlessly.

So now onwards whenever you are supposed to use any of these words, please MEAN it. Anything is influential only if is said from the heart, so mean it.

Of course, I have excluded some “4” letter words even if they are used very often but these are the most frequent used words according to my experience.

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