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Six Helpful Ways to Deal with Foul Mouth

What kind of words you say generally reflects the kind of person you are and sets the stage for how people respond to you. Many people cannot do without swear words-they say it without any remorse, let alone the considerable hurt such words leave on the people they are talking to.

What comes out of your mouth generally reflects the kind of person you are and sets the stage for how people respond to you. Using foul language gives the message that you have a lack of restraint and professionalism, and inadvertently projects that you have no respect for yourself or the others involved in a conversation.Using swearwords can easily become a habit. If it’s one of yours, consider adding breaking it to your list of New Year’s resolutions. 

The following are some of the tips you should consider in dealing with foul mouth tendencies.

1. Recognize  the foul  Mouth 

As with all bad habits, the first step to overcoming the problem is recognizing that you have one. Listen to your own speech, ask people whether they think your swearing is out of hand, or even record a conversation and listen to it afterwards. If every second word is a swearword then you have a problem.

2. Write down a list of what sets off your foul mouth

It’s also important to understand why you swear. Most people associate swearing and foul mouth with anger or frustration, but we do it for a number of reasons and in various situations, and it’s usually reinforced by the company we keep and people we’re trying to identify with. Figure out what triggers your foul mouth by writing a list of what sets you off – for instance specific people,  or work frustrations. Once you have listed these triggers try to avoid them.

3. Be more positive by resisting the triggers of foul mouth

Also, consider ways to better cope with these situations around you that trigger foul mouth. For example, being more positive or not rising to the bait when someone nags you. Keep in mind why you want to stop. The key ingredient to getting over swearing is really wanting to do it. Motivate yourself by writing down all the reasons you want to stop, and read it whenever you’re feeling the pressure and want to give up.

4. Swallow your Words

While this preparation may get you on the right track, reaching your goal will depend on determination and self-restraint. The hardest thing about not swearing is having to substitute profanities with other words, especially when your conversation sounds duller without them. Civilized and respectful conversation does not involve a swearing contest, and you owe it to yourself to use a vast vocabulary to fill up your conversations. When you want to swear, make a point of trying to find alternative words or phrases. This will help you maintain your normal sentence structure even when you eliminate swearwords.

5. Ask for help from friends and family who never swear.

When you realize that your foul mouth seem to be going out of hand, it  might be just a good idea to seek help from your friends and family members who don’t have foul mouth. The could easily give you some good advice on how to avoid foul mouth. Occasionally in public, they could also help you by pinching you when you slide back into your foul mouth habits-this eventually could help you to have some kind of self restraint.

6. Use the counting strategy.

A Counting strategy could prove very handy for a person in the habit of foul mouth. For example, if you want to swear because something has upset you, just take a moment and count to 1-10 while taking deep breaths. Not only will this counting lapse calm you, but you down, it will also give you some time to think of something better to say other than a swear word.

Foul mouth is just a habit and we all need to realize that habits are second-nature characteristics and won’t disappear overnight. It is not prudent to  beat yourself up if you slip up because we all habits die slowly. As you would during dieting, if you find your foul mouth is persisting, just pick yourself up and make a fresh start from time time-soon you will overcome your foul mouth problems.

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