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The Meaning and Art of Communication and the Importance of Language

Language and communication are both important for people.

The Art of Communication

One of the important things that people discovered is communication. When communication is removed, it’s like stopping of the revolution of the Earth. People act because of communication. Because of transferring and delivering of ideas, information, experiences, etc. Effective communication is the way to success, development, peacefulness and national security. The discovery of different aspects includes communication that’s why the nation with developed and effective way of communication is more progressive than other nations that have less of these.

Importance of Language

The use of communication is to transfer, deliver news, message, knowledge or information, feelings, thoughts, needs, ideas, etc. from people to the receiver.

An art is a practice that gives people the chance to express their feelings and to do whatever they want in the way that is right.

Different Meanings of Communication

According to some writers, the English word communication is from the Latin word “communis”. In this situation, the messenger and the receiver are sharing their ideas in the way that they use talking, hearing, understanding, reading and writing.

The process of delivering of the message or idea, information, experience, and feelings can also be called communication. It can be said that it is also an art and a way of delivering information, idea and knowledge of a person to another.

We also call communication the changing acts of people and time. Just like experts said, communication is a dynamic and changing process.

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