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Top 10 Interesting Words That Starts with ” G “

G. Warning this article may not be appropriate to everybody.

This is a look at the letter “G” and it’s wonderful words that it provide us. There’s two types of Gs, you got a hard G like; Goose, Game, Gagagogo, wich most of these words on the list will have. Then you got your soft Gs like; Geology, Ginger, George.

 Ok now let’s take a look at the top 10 G words based on my guesstimation.

Gay: Happiness, also means homosexuality. It was at one time used to insult people, but the more we understand about homosexuality it is frond upon to use that word as an insult.

Groove: A pronounced, enjoyable rhythm in music, also means A long, narrow channel such as a slot cut into a hard material to provide a location for an engineering component, a tyre groove, or a geological channel.

Gnome: A legendary being, supposed to be short, usually bearded men who inhabit the inner parts of the earth, and act as guardians of mines, treasure, etc

Glitterati: A person who has a high degree of recognition by the general population; a famous person; celebrity with lots of money.

Giant: A tall species of a particular animal or plant, including humans, koalas, and penguins.

Genius: Extraordinary mental capacity of possessing intelligence or skill; especially somebody who has demonstrated this by a creative or original work in science, music, art etc.

Glimpse: To see or view briefly or incompletely.

Go: To Leave, also means to start, and it also means to attend.

Graffiti: A form of vandalism and art involving painting text or images in public places.

Guesstimate: An estimation equivalent to a guess.


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G-String: A scant covering for the genitalia, especially one worn by a strippers, also means the string on a stringed musical instrument, that produces the note of G.

Gangsta: A slang word describing a member of an urban criminal or street gang. It also means to be associated with the high risk lifestyle of urban street-thugs or hustlers.


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