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Wretched People Use The Word “Ratchet”

If I see this in Webster’s I may never open a Dictionary again….

You know, this has long gone too far for me.  Since I found out that “Conversate” is now in the Dictionary (as a Non-Standard word) I guess I’m going to search periodically to see if the word “Ratchet” has made it too.  I do this with trembling hands and a sinking feeling that America is knuckling again and rewarding poor language with a place in a book that we always used to make our English BETTER, not WORSE!!

Words (Photo credit: Southernpixel – Alby Headrick)

Words (Photo credit: Southernpixel – Alby Headrick)

It’s been a few decades now that “Ain’t” which is a slang contraction of “Are Not” made it to the Dictionary.  I’m not so sure that it’s slang though; it seems to be more of a corrupt word than a slang.  I would say a “Square” was our slang for a Cigarette and of course a “Dude” was slang for Guy. Slim a nice little slang for Girls. My generation and the ones before me invented slang words and expressions.  As I was a Senior in High School the word/slang “Bag” was in our silly vernacular.  My sister said that as she would lie in the bedroom outside of the kitchen where my friends and I were socializing and giggling that she wondered why I kept saying “Yes, he came out of a BAG on me”.  She said it seemed like we were actually talking about guys in bags and escaping!  The term meant that the guy only said or did something unexpected (EVERYTHING was unexpected for a Teenage Girl though).  Overall slang’s were harmless expressions, delivered by people who knew that they were slangs when delivering them.

Conversate on the other hand seems that the user has no IDEA that the word did not originally exist.  Why would anyone use conversate when they correct word is converse.  It just seems odd that people would want to extend a word to sound more important.  At the same time, you would have to be on a very limited educational level or intelligence level to even believe this word would be remotely “important-sounding”.  In fact it makes some people angry.  There was a lady who disqualified a prospective Employee because they slipped up and used this word.  Another said that as another person was opting to Speak at a Seminar, he or she was disqualified for using the word in the text of their speech.  This word is not correct people! 

What has happened or what is happening is that the Language changes over the years as some “professionals” say and to an extent, maybe so.  Having the young ones come up using incorrect English is sad.  We are in an English Speaking country and whereas I am no where near perfect I know that “Ratchet” has a very similar meaning to “Wretched” but the dialect and the way people decided to say it makes it somehow acceptable to use.  In fact some of the users never knew of the word Wretched in the first place which does indeed seem to make Ratchet a corrupted word!   I’ve seen people with educations use it (who do know better) and I heard it used on one of those Tabloid TV News Stations!  These are not cute words, they’re stupid and I don’t care who uses them, they ought to get a lashing with about 100 large wet noodles for that!

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