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Writing Spoken Word Poetry Guide

A guide as to help you better write spoken word.

Hey guys, I was thinking and just thought that maybe I could write about how to go about writing SPOKEN WORD poetry. Here is a guide for those interested in performing arts, as well as the art of literature.


Spoken word poetry is a way of speaking to the audience with a narration by one person. Spoken word poetry is an art form to express one’s idea, opinion, and stance on a particular subject.


Step 1: Getting Started

Spoken Word Poetry requires a voice, it needs to be read and it needs to be heard. The voices behind the words have to be genuine and passionate about the subject. To start writing your Spoken Word poetry, think of a subject.

Having a hard time thinking of one? Try mind-mapping it out. On a blank sheet of paper, give yourself a situation. Write the first word that comes to mind. Continue doing so for a minute. You will then have a list of words. From this patch, pick one that interests you to explore as a topic.


Step 2: Writing Process

Nobody said writing poetry will be easy, in fact you could be staring at your paper for long hours at ends without anything coming to mind or without having any clues on how to string floating words together. The trick is to pace yourself and continuously revisit your piece. Most poetry aren’t started and finished in one sitting.

The flow of your word choices is important as well. Spoken Word poetry doesn’t necessarily contain rhymes; however it does beautifully form rhythm. To form rhythm in Spoken Word poetry is a way you craft your words together.


Step 3: Finishing and polishing

When you feel that your piece is done, put it away for a short amount of time. Stepping away from your work will give your eyes and mind rest from reading and re-reading the lines that have been going through your head. Once your mind is clear and your eyes had rest, reread your work.

Once you are finish writing your poem it’s time to rehearse it! The main point of Spoken Word poetry is the SPOKEN word. Performing poetry is different from actually reading it. To have a great performance keep reading it out loud, memorize it, and try out different stresses and volume for words and lines.


There you have it! Your own Spoken Word Poetry!

Hope that really help J

Liked it
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