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Accuse a Child Killing His Cousin in a Fight Over The Xbox

The victim, 16, was found by police with a gunshot to the head. They suspect that the other teen, 13, could be the author.

Researchers do not yet know how he could get the gun to the apartment where the two children were

The owner of the Chicago Juvenile Court accuses a 13 year old boy killed his 16 year old cousin, who died this weekend after having a good discussion with the Xbox console.

According to Chicago police, the juvenile is detained and in the custody of the Juvenile Court. So far researchers have been reported that the teenager would have killed his cousin shot in the head around five in the afternoon of Sunday, while the victim was sleeping. death occurred 90 minutes later at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he was transferred to the wounded after the event.

The two boys had been arguing about an hour ago Xbox console, according to the police report. The agents, after person at the address where the event occurred, they found a 9mm cartridge in the same bedroom where the victim was, and a semiautomatic pistol, 9mm also in another room of the apartment.

In the first statement, the 13 year old said the gun “had shot them.” Still, he is accused of a crime of first degree murder . Judge Stuart Katz handling the case ordered custody and said the Chicago Tribune is not clear where the child was able to get the gun, and that so far no adult has been charged.

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