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Amalia Novi Photo, Women Use Underwear That Crashed Seven People

Police urged to fully investigate the case of the circulation of photographs Novi Amalia were only wearing underwear when secured post-event traffic accident on Gajah Mada Street, Tamansari, West Jakarta. Decisive action is needed to police similar incidents do not recur.

“It should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice so that the police do not repeat other ways of handling cases that primitive as it is,” said a member of Commission III Ahmad Basarah in Jakarta, Thursday (10/18/2012).

It is said to address the circulation Basarah photographs Novi when secured in Police Office West Jakarta. At that time, in a state of unstable Novi and wearing only underwear. In fact, there is a photograph showing partly open underwear.

Basarah said the circulation of the photo shows the police have treated Novi ways inhumane and insulting the dignity of women. Actors who took these photos and then redistribute it should be charged under the Pornography Law.

Police, must investigate without waiting for complaints from the Novi. Police also should be ashamed and apologize for the incident because Novi is a victim of the failure of the police and government in combating drug trafficking added that PDI-P faction members.

“The actions of the body Novi exploit the unconscious under the influence of drugs is a very barbaric act and tarnished the face of the police,” said Basarah.

As reported, the Metro Police Chief Commissioner Tamansarim Maulana Hamdan claims that it is trying to protect and care for a maximum of Novi. According to him, when Novi was taken to the Police, the police station has gathered a lot of people.

Police had tried to call the maximum to protect Novi, but it did not stop a number of cameras are intentionally targeted towards these beautiful models. Police remind the public that clustered that is not for public consumption because it concerns one’s disgrace.

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