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Black March

The internet’s vendetta against SOPA/PIPA supporters.

Even though SOPA and PIPA, legislation that could compromise the freedoms internet users in the United States and many other nations enjoy, have been seemingly halted, those that fought against it refuse to stop beating it down.  An event has been organized, one that will last for the entire month of March, to cast a blow against all distributors of copyrighted material worldwide.

Below is a promotional poster spread across the internet by supporters of Black March.

They plan to achieve such a lofty goal by boycotting all copyrighted consumer goods, such as music, movies and books.  As described in the promotional image above, this will give “all governments an economic hit that can be visible”.

So is this actually possible?  Will it actually do something?  There are a couple very good arguments that say no.

First, how many people will actually give up buying copyrighted material for an entire month?  I’d like to think we all have the self-discipline to take on such a task, but unfortunately many of us don’t.

Second, won’t these companies experience a boom when this is over?  Everyone who participates will no doubt have a few things in mind to blow all that saved up money on when April comes.  This could overwrite any damage that is done.

Whatever the case, it is good to see people willing to give up some of their entertainment and consumerism to make a difference in the name of freedom.  Whether or not it does make a difference in the end, I will be participating in Black March, and I would urge the readers of this article to do the same.

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