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Colt Laws of Life

Random writtings.

 Rising above defeat

It has been said quiet often that “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” To equalize man, Sam Colt created and patented the first revolving pistol. This firearm allowed the marksman to fire rapidly multiple shots before reloading. Though Colt’s pistol was idolized for quicker shooting it was not practical since it had to be disassembled to reload the cylinder, which led Colt to go bankrupt for lack of sales. Thus Colt added a lever under the barrel to allow the shooter to load the new Colt Walker without disassembling the firearm. Not satisfied Colt modified his pistol multiple times, improving on each new design, showing that he never gave up on his dream. Though he faced poverty Colt built a company so grand that it would make firearms for nearly two hundred years. With Colt’s refusal to give up he made man equal not only with his firearms, but by showing the world that they could make a dream grow into reality if they fought to improve it.

Through hard work I have made my mark on the world and myself. By not giving up I rose above the world of drugs that I was raised in. This world forced me to hold my family together and watch over my younger siblings as we were placed into state custody. During this time I took an impractical ten year child that was flawed, by the endless fighting around him, and tweaked his pity for others. This feeling showed the softness that I possessed, so I killed off the cares of what others thought about me and added a barrier that keeps all but those who truly need help from getting close to me. I have told the few mislead teenagers that I am close to how to redirect their lives, to get a GED, a job, a home of their own, or to just pray.  By adding a defense mechanism I hardened my personality to keep myself from getting harmed by others and so that I could take care of anyone who have no one else.

After pushing everyone away I decided to vent through writing. My writing is another thing I have worked on improving over the last few years. In the sixth grade I wrote a short story that I thought was flawless. I redid the paper several times only to receive a sixty on my story. This ate at me so much that I gave up on writing for the next two years and deemed it as my weakest point. In the ninth grade I got dropped into an honors ninth grade literature class. The knowledgeable teacher told me, “to succeed in life you have to be able to change yourself so that you appeal to the crowd you are speaking with, and you must also be able to do this in your writing”. This ringing in my head I decided rise to the challenge. Wanting to improve my writing I started taking notes on everything the teacher said, and followed his instruction. It has been three years since then and I continue to try and strengthen my writing by examining the writings of others. Through these readings I pick up on some tips that I want to use and add them to future writings. While I have not honed my skills to a point that satisfies me yet I, like Colt, keep making small adjustments to my last model, to make my writing better.

Thus by following the teachings of Sam Colt I took the blemished parts of my life and like a blacksmith with his hammer, forged them into a hardened steel structure. Before I could put myself onto a piece of paper I had to know who I am. This I learnt when I took my ten year old self and remolded him. With years of hard work I improved on my pitiful writing, changing it into a thought out expression of myself. These things are just a part of the teachings of the quote “God made man but, Sam Colt made them equal.

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