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Crooked Judges and Lawyers If you can’t beat them

Crooked Lawyers and crooked Judges.
Fighting back drawing them out of the courtroom onto my ground and in public.

I was back in divorce court yesterday and I was losing the only thing I had left. I decided that if you can’t beat them and it is hard to win with a crooked Judge. Fire your morally defective lawyer and draw the Judge out on your ground.

My divorce started 3 years ago in a small town in Virginia. This town revolves around the horse business and is very much old money. In most places like this you can count on the Judges being “in bed” with certain local lawyers. We all know that lawyers are liars and morally bankrupt but some are way worse than others. So here lies the rub.

I owned a farm in Virginia. I bought the farm several years before I married a Harlot. My new father in law as life has it is a lawyer and unknown to me until after I was married was a loan shark with yes you guessed it leg breakers to do his dirty work. My father in law had ties to the old Mafia that thrived in Pennsylvania. After I was married I started building on the farm to accommodate my then wife’s end of the horse business. Well to make a long story short. My wife had sole designs on the farm and wanted to get rid of me.

I had a student rider at the farm who was a lawyer for a very large Washington DC law firm. As my wife was asking for a divorce of course my student friend jumped up to defend me. At the time I did not know he was not licensed to practice law in Virginia nor was I aware that he was sleeping with my wife. So the outcome was I ended up off of my farm and my lawyer moved in.

It took two years where I had to endure death threats, thievery and a smear campaign to get this in court.

On our first hearing my ex lawyer was there along with Daddy Mafia and her lawyer. My wife had one document and one witness. I had tons of documents and an overcrowded room of witnesses. The judge gave us two hours to present our case. We could not put on all of our witnesses nor would the judge accept most of the damning documents. My ex lawyer perjured himself and the Judge would not accept the evidence. My wife perjured herself and the judge ignored it. In several hours I lost the farm, equipment, business, bank account and the investment horses. All I got was one horse and my clothes. The judge also protected my first lawyer from any further litigation. That meaning I could not sue him.

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  1. racerX

    On August 28, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    Damn!! I thought I got the Royal Treatment in my divorce! I sure hope and pray you get some justice and they get some payback for the bull crap they put you through. Keep us posted.

  2. Michelle

    On April 1, 2008 at 1:03 am

    im trying to fight a crooked judge in Wausau WI …i have little to no money to get a decent lawyer…do you know of any services that may help …an abused child is involved

  3. ripped1x

    On April 1, 2008 at 10:32 am

    This sucks the system is full of crooked Judges we have a whole community full of them in St. Charles MO, it’s the closest thing to organized crime I have ever seen, it’s like the prosecutors lie and the judges rubber stamp it. If they can’t prove something they bring in their crooked Psychologist who are on their payroll and in many instances these psych’s are not licensed, to further propagate their lie’s, God help you if your children are involved these people are the biggest child abusers on the planet. Welcome to the nanny state.

  4. Rock

    On September 22, 2008 at 9:28 am

    I managed to divorce a lawyer. I was his third wife. What should have taken a few months was drawn out (by his design) to 8 years. He swore he’d ruin me. He hired one of the toughest attorneys in our district to represent him . . . for free! The attorney he hired is a friend of the judge. For 8 years, despite reports of abuse from psychologists and the children’s lawyer, despite proof of his criminal financial activity, despite proof that he was deliberately cancelling court dates in order to drag it out, despite the fact that the children and I had to move from the house, despite the fact that I had to work three jobs to survive because all of the assets were tied up in his name, the judge ruled in favor of my ex on every single issue for 8 years. Why? My ex wrote every single motion and every single ruling and every single opinion that the judge signed. My ex blatantly offered the judge a disc with the rulings on it. He told the judge (yes, in court . . . with the tape recorder running) to simply put the disc in his computer and sign the ruling. The judge did it,every single time. The first “final” ruling was so outrageous, that I took it to the court of appeals. They were appalled and sent the ruling back to the judge for “fixing”. You guessed it, my ex wrote the “fixed” ruling, in which I got nothing, and the judge signed it. The “fixed” ruling was replete with references to the record which did not exist, with altered financial information (for example: he claims as an attorney he only makes $22 per hour and as a result was given an extremely low Child Support payment), with quotes of testimony that did not exist. Once again, it was so outrageous that I took it back to the court of appeals for a second time. Different panel of judges this time. They upheld the judge’s “fixed” rulings. I requested a rehearing, pointing out, once again, that my ex had written the judge’s ruling, had given it to him on a disc, and that it was filled with false information and, in many cases, the rulings were against the law of our state. It was denied. There’s nothing more I can do. I have accrued over $100,000 in fees, the kids have suffered immeasurably, and he is now gloating that he beat the system and WON! He got everything – just the way he did with the two wives before me. He’s now married a fourth time and taking great pleasure in spending all of the money on luxury cars, etc., that rightly should have been shared with the kids and me.

  5. Wronged In Indiana

    On October 31, 2008 at 9:34 am

    I am having similar problems. The judge used to be my soon-to-be x’s Deputy Prosector. He has been in contempt of court over and over again, defying the court, and the judge does NOTHING about it! We had a property settlement, but then he came into the house and took some of my jewelry, told me I was irresponsible and had lost it, and then placed it on eBay for sale. The judge merely asked him to return it…no criminal charges.

    He has harassed me for nearly the entire 5 months…text messages, emails, IMs, posting lingerie pictures of me on an adult site and, writing nasty vile disgusting things I would do on the adult site, and THEN sent strange me my cell phone number!!! He assaulted my car when I would not sit in a parking lot and be threatened by him. I have evidence of threat on top of threat over the last 5 months!!!

    I had to get an EPO which he has repeatedly violated! And get this, the judge ordered me and our children out of the $269,000 house so he could move back in. I had no place to go and was handed the number to the women’s shelter. THEN, she told me that she was lifting the EPO so that HE and his family and friends could come into the house to move all my stuff out of the house!!! What kind of a judge lifts an EPO to put the perpetrator in the same house as the victim.

    I have filed police report after police report. I FINALLY got the prosecutor’s office on board to arrest him for violation of the EPO, but they will not go after him for cyber stalking. NOW, the same judge that has allowed him to do everything else to me, refused to sign the arrest warrant and only issued a summons for him to come to criminal court!!!

    There is NO justice in our “justice system”, just corruption!!!


    On November 1, 2008 at 2:34 am

    Talk about crooked and corrupt justice…then come to orange county california/ There they remove delete and tamper with evidence of innocence and follow up by knowingly presenting offering false planted rigged set-up framed evidence in a printed document for the jury to use against the accused/defendant. You need to know how they how commit crimes right there in a public courtroom to protect yourself and family or friend. Send for my booklet…MOLINA 927 south Bruce–5 Anaheim, Ca. 92804 what everyone needs to know

  7. Whodie

    On November 25, 2008 at 8:31 am

    It has been shown in history that when politics fail, then one must resort to military action.

  8. Gerard Beloin

    On December 3, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    I thought I was alone. Crooked cops, crooked lawyers and crooked judges to protect them. I’m from NH. Please read this update on my blog. It speaks for itself. Or just Google my name (Gerard Beloin) and get the rest of the story.
    I just got convicted of recording a “personal messenger” to a local prosecutor threatening to kill me. He is a member of organized crime masquerading as a prosecutor. This prosecutor admits in court records of being the progenitor of these recordings and I get my guns taken away.
    As one blogger put it, “It is madness gone mad.”

    Gerard Beloin

  9. tim b lines

    On December 4, 2008 at 9:42 am

    when i married for the second time i made the worst mestake of my life.lawenforcement/incest.this cunning woman told me some of the truth about the incest.she had a grand son i love kids totaly .i thank god was not abused as achild.this woman did not have a drinking problem but she had a daddy anger problem.she like her daddy were cowards child abusers.over 16 years i saw heard from others in this very sick family acks of greed and sexual peversion that just got sicker over the years.i could not relat to the adults i just totaly enjoyed the kids they called me fun wife refused to deal with her childhood and desided to ruin my life insteed.only two in her family ever were charged with incest crimes and they got aslap on the rist.this is one of the worst of the good old boy states railroading good people here is vsry easy whth lawenforcenent connectionts.these people can and get the judge they want from the clerks office.i was set up and jilled with a statment nade by a retarded person that i have never heard of.a sworn affidavit.that stated.i shall here herby state that i saw timthy nereby house in roo ways.she dated her statement 11/3/01.the deputy that took the statment dated this same ststement 11/3/06.the judge that signed the arrest warrent was the assinged to the divorce before he became part of this railroading.these people allways get what they want at someone eles expence.they have destroyed my life and left me very bitter.there are just bully cowards and they go to there crooked churches.i came here from a better place in a better time.florida is run by a bunch of adult children there called good old boys but there just sick greedy people florida is burning with hartred for lawers and crooked judges a are scum.

  10. Kim

    On December 16, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    It is a shame, and unfortunately seems to be the norm for our lack of “justice system” to run this way. I wish all of you the best of luck and hope things turn around for you.

  11. k 9 wes

    On December 29, 2008 at 2:52 am

    I fill you on that there crooked attorneys in very state in the u,s we the people are going to have to take our world back ,we are going to have to send these crooked attornrys packing and there is a difference between a attorney and a lawyer look it up there are no more lawyers i am also dealing with a crooked judge and attorney in the state of georgia douglasville ga. the worst in the state if anyone travel through here please go around dougalsville if possible

  12. Richard

    On February 14, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I am going throught the same thing right now in family court law with problems from my attorney to the judge not keeping the judge before him decree if my ex was in contempt one more time. So far the last two years I have had one school counselor maybe two, two mediators, one physcologist, two judges and two attorneys have told my ex over the last two years to date to stop sleeping with my son who is 12 and my daughter who is 10 from sleeping in the same bed with her. They continue to give this woman who has had sole custody the last 7 months who only produced children that have had continueing failing grades from school to letting them run all over town doing whatever they want. This story gets so deep and there is a lot more and I want to do the same thing that you are doing. I have had shared and joint custody of my children all there life. This means half of everything. Then she lost her house in forclosure had her car repoed and her checking account garnished for a loan that she let go and me and my fiance split and she decided to go for the kill. I can prove everything I say, but not by throwing my money away in court to corrupt judges and attorneys. The Wichita family court system is so corrupt you can see it when all the attorneys gather in court and just make jokes and laugh before the judge comes in. My own attorney told me I was the problem because I was mad at everybody. He did this before I showed him any evidance supporting my side. THen I pratically had to force him to listen to my son and daughter crying on my answering machine asking me to come get them and that there mom told one of them that she did not love nor want them anymore. My attorney still comes back to me and tries to belittle me and try to make me the monster. I am now almost out of money which he made a comment the other day on the phone like I was a low life that has not paid his bill yet. I want to show the world of this scheme and go public as well. Anyone that can send me information on how to make a web site or join another one to start a trend please send information to HOw do I find out the rules that attorneys or judges are breaking? I know that there is corruption going on here. I paid for another attorneys to ask certain questions and she told me that I should have not been put through two mediators. Should have gone on the first one recomendations, but my attorney put me through another one stating for reasons “to see which one of you is lying”. I did not think I needed to prove this to my attorney that I was paying to represent my best interests. I am starting to think dead beat dads are made not born that way. If the shoe was on the other foot I would have been labeled a petifile for sleeping with my children and I would not have been given two years of chances. I want to fight back two and I was in the Navy. I have morals and principals and ethics that I want to pass on to my children. I do not want to watch them grow up less than they could be with the right kind of direction and love and communication. How do I fight back?????????? Richard

  13. Phil

    On March 26, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    Patrick B, I’m with you all the way of the Crooked Judges and Lawyers. I’m 101st Airborne Ranger of Special Details and Special Forces Vet. I have been railroad by a lying scheming woman who asked me to marry her out of the 11 to 13 years we been seeing each other off and on. But I had no idea that this woman Jean L. Ford has been married before severe times with divorces of dissolution as well as lying to me. Telling me that she had never been with another man within 25 years. Well that was a lie because this woman goes around marrying men that are Vets in poisoning them as well as killing them because she a nurse and she tried to poison me as well as well as she work in the Hospital in Carmel, California and God knows exactly how many people she has killed over the past 40 years at these different Hospitals and as an In-Home Care Provider. After I married this thing in October 18, 2005 she didn’t even live with me on my ranch for eleven months because she claim that she needs to make arrangements from where she was living in Castroville, California before she would move here with me permanently and physically at my property in Dunlap, California as my wife. Well she came to the ranch at the end of August 2006. Jean L. Ford planed, organized, theft as well as stealing my Military Medical Records to use in court against me. Jean L. Ford arrangements was premeditated without a doubt to lie and steal my property under pretense for me to get a Loan on my Property for the eleven months we were apart by having Escrow Papers Draw Up in Carmel, California with the First American Title Company. To make a long story short this woman forged my signature on the loan papers that I have never seen or sign for her to have Community Property with the Right Survivorship for herself with this Interspousal Transfer Grant Deed. Ignoring, lying and stealing from my kids and family and she tore up and destroyed what we both had written out a Will of paperwork for her, for my daughters Katrina Ethelino Bonnette and Crystal Marie Brock if Crystal came home to live sometime later on in the near future. This two-faced lawyer I had made deals with her lawyer and the judge. They would have private meeting back in the judge chamber and than everything is over then we are leaving the court room and the lawyer would said I call you for you to come to my office and we will go over what happen in court today and that never happen. Just a bunch of lies and corruption of the system. Its time to make all these top crooks accountable for their action and put them away for lying and stealing against us. I’m looking for real people who are willing to make a change and sacrifice for themselves and for the good for all people not just for certain people who are lying and stealing and killing the innocence and the poor. I’m for action to make a change and start setting-up our own laws of investigating against these top crooks who think they are above the law and that they think they are untouchable because they have violated our constitutional rights and civil rights by abusing the law for their own personal gain and power. Please email me at and we can talk to each other personally in making these changes of this evil and corrupt country they call America which is just for the rich people only by getting richer in lying and stealing from the poor.

  14. John Walsh

    On April 13, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    I tried to represent myself in a joint custody and child support reduction case. I only knew the mother of my child for 3 months and never married her. She has three children by three different fathers. I guess she made a career out of having children and collecting child support. I have paid for 15 years and until I got layed off my job, I was current on child support. She hired a crooked attorney. I was told I was held to the same standard as a lawyer, but she did not treat me with that respect. She filed motions to dismiss and never mailed me a copy. She went in the judges chambers before court and he would come out with an attitude against me.She made up lies that I quit my job and moved voluntarily. Who in their right mind would lose their home and relocate their family to get out of paying child support? The judge ordered mediation, and three days before we were to go, the attorney filed a motion to dismiss. The mediation worked out fine and they didn’t even consider that before throwing out the case. In the state of Idaho, child support is based on your income. I still don’t knoiw how a judge could overrule a state law. I have been laid off for an extended period of time due to the economy. Usually, I can find another job. I lost my home and relocated to another state in search of work. I have been married for 14 years to my wife and have two other children and now half of my unemployment check is going to my oldest son with whom I had a good relationship with until I asked for a reduction. I had all the proof, but she had the lawyer so I lose. They even hit me for her lawyer fees and court costs. Now the only solution is to divorce my current wife and let her collect child support in hopes of them decreasing the first child’s amount, that is if I can’t find a job soon.

  15. Zachary

    On May 30, 2009 at 9:10 am

    If anybody has time, plese read my web site.
    I too am a veteran and looking for help and

  16. EAB

    On June 5, 2009 at 7:24 am

    In a guardianship case with my boyfriends parent. Boyfriend suffered head injury during our relationship. We are adults in our thirties! Parents are crooked as hell! Responsible for many problems in their son’s life prior to accident. I was appointed guardianship after five dedicated years of supporting my boyfriend due to Mother messing over Guardianship. She’s lost it three times over the course of five years, only to be reinstated almost every time. Well then I stepped in. Now Dad is fighting for it. Guess who shows up in court together Dad and MOM (His ex-wife by the way) The two never got along over the last five years. Now suddenly they are best friends.
    Judge ask me why do you want to be Guardian when you are not family? What course do you have to stay in this position? I told him misappropriation of funds by the mother…
    Judge says, BIG DEAL! What does it matter, it’s only $30/month? Meanwhile evil MOM is bobbing her head up and down like the thieving crack head that she is!!
    Judge honestly said it was no big deal that MOM stole money from ward. She was never set up to receive money for her services. That money is solely to be used for her son!
    I want to scream. What has happened to our system here? That Judge is on crack too!

  17. Laurie in Panama City FL

    On June 19, 2009 at 1:22 am

    I was arrested on April 1, 2009, for Grand Theft Auto by Defraud. My ex boyfriend bought me new a car on Dec. 08, 2008. We stopped living together and I starting paying him for the car. My x boyfriend went with me and a friend to the DMV and he signed the title over to me and gave me the keys. A few weeks later I just got tired of his crap and broke it off. My x boyfriend went to the Sherriffs Department where he filed Grand Theft Auto by Fraud charges on me. The bank investigated the check (twice) and said there was no fraud and gave him a letter stating that on February 26, 2009 and the car is in my name. Do you know the damn cops went and got a warrant signed by a judge when they had in their hands saying there was no fraud and the SOB didn’t even own the car. I am now out on a $60,000.00 bond you do the math. I want some butt and I want it now

  18. Steven

    On July 30, 2009 at 1:27 am

    I am fighting a crooked Judge and two crooked attorneys in Cobb County Georgia. I have the Government Accountability Office, DOJ on my side.

    FWIW, document the violations and report them to the FBI. The FBI is authorized to investigate corruption such as the one you are experiencing now.

  19. anonymous

    On August 4, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Case number: 209TR216347
    Defendant: Patrick Eugene Premo
    Filed: 07/23/2009
    Case number: 205TR014402
    Defendant: Patrick Eugene Premo
    Filed: 10/27/2005

  20. Ok its over i won

    On August 4, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    1:11 ty

  21. Greg

    On August 23, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    Excellent blog, we all need to come forward and fight back against these corrupt judical nightmares!!

    Check out we all need to consider getting involved.

    Also check out

    I am getting tired of hearing about these corrupt judges and lawyers and I am also doing something about it.

  22. Richard

    On October 6, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    I too am facing a currupt judicial system in a small town in Virginia. Since attempting to leave my wife with the children I have been accused of everything from child abuse to rape, the only thing I havent been accused of is murder(give her time I’m sure its coming). I have attempted to get help from everyone from the gaurdian adlitem to Social Services. I have seen no help from any Government agency in that district…the only response that seems to come from them is get a lawyer. Kind of hard to do when the soon to be ex depleates your bank account and credit. If someone could let me know who I can turn to would be a great help I please post a comment on hear for Virginia is for Liers. Thanks and God Bless

  23. rebecca newman

    On October 6, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Good Luck is about all I can say because the law think that they run the united states we the people need to take back our country and expose these crooked lawyers and judges but it is going to take more than one person to do it

  24. RC

    On October 7, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT HIRE the following attorneys they lie through their teeth, if you have them for opposing council watch out!
    They are good at commiting PERJURY.

    Thomas K. MacMillan – Attorney NH / MA
    145 South Main Street
    Bradford, MA 01835

    Lynn E. Aaby (Guardian Ad Litem / Attorney)
    Marshall Law 47 Depot Road, East Kingston, NH 03827
    Exeter Crossings 20 Hampton Road, Exeter, NH 03833

    Randolph Carlton

  25. Sandra Genevicz

    On October 11, 2009 at 3:09 am

    I’ve been put through HELL for 4 years over a civil matter in CHATHAM, VIRGINIA. It is not over a divorce but it is just as horrible as what you are going through. The judge is crooked as are all the attorneys involved. The opposition had 7 different blood sucking attorney’s and we have been through 3 blood suckers. Our last blood sucker thought he was smart enough to bully us into signing an agreement that was not in our best interest and when we wouldn’t do it, he testified against us and said we did even though no signed document was presented to the court. Then the creep sent a bill for 24k.As if he didn’t already get paid. I have 2 boxes full evidence and court documents that prove fraud on all levels. I still have some fight left in me so I have gotten some good information from your blog and others that made comments and I will keep coming back to see how things are going with you. Thank God I don’t live in Virginia cause I’m thinking I would be in jail if I did. The American public needs to unite and stop all the injustice!!!!!!! I will join forces with anyone that wants to take a stand. You may contact me by email

  26. justrovering

    On October 13, 2009 at 12:32 am

    This country is run by lawyers they are one of few that make money off peoples hardships. Today they perform no value to society only the perception of giving a service with due process while extracting money.
    They make the laws and make money off the laws they make for each other.
    A real eye operner is our dear federal judges they buy their way into judgeships with party donations. Then rule the area to serve their party members.
    Case in point is the recent judge William Smith he was appointed by President Bush without congressional approval which bye the way is against the constitution.
    In an appeal filed by Microsoft Mr. Smith overtuned a juries verdict that awarded damages against Microsoft for $380. He was quoted saying the jury was not educated enough to make a decesion. You know what happen Microsoft called in a party donation token and the judge cashed it. If this doesnt tell you how bad our legal system is nothing will! Lawyers over the years have evolved and bend the laws so they can extort money when they need it.

    One day recently my son said he wanted to be a lawyer I said son you disappoint me they are the leeches of our society they perform no goods or services that help produce value to our culture they only take off peoples hardships.

    I agree there must be reform here we need to get a grass roots effort going more blog sights bumper stickers Tshirts come up with 10 key points for legal reform.
    1. No lawyer can earn any money off any contengency
    2. A lawyer who makes X amount of money must donate X amount of time doing free probono work for less fortunate
    3. No lawyer can write laws
    4. No lawyer can have a public office due to self serving conflicts
    5. All federal judges can only serve 4 years then must roll out.
    6. Civil judges must be appointed by the people can only serve 2 years
    7. A lawyer found aiding and filing frivolus lawsuits to abuse the legal system and if the lawyer is found guilty then the lawyer should be suspended for an indifinite period of time.
    8. A public lawyer malpractice agency should be established that is runned by voted in civil government much like an insurance commissioner.
    9. A lawyer cannot hold any bias treatment toward any client eithics commitee should be established by the civil government
    10. If a lawyer files a suit and loses then the lawyer should have to remburse a percentage of collect fees from his client. –

  27. Barry Rhodes

    On October 20, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Here is an example of what I am using here in Florida check it out.

  28. linda

    On November 29, 2009 at 2:18 am

    we have a crooked judge in mingo-county williamson west virginia-a-realestate-company called walters mortage-harrased my family and gave them nerves break downs-and heart attacks-and we got a civil suit-and the judge would not listen to our side the story-and droped the lawsuit-without our permission-after we paid to have civil suit filed–my name is linda parsley-pobox651-williamsonwva25661-seeking justice-against-michael thronesberry-and grant preece-mingo county court house

  29. Sandra Hemmes

    On February 15, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Dear fella: you are the type of fighter that won this country’s freedom. We need more men and women like you. The bottom line is to never give up. I had to fight the Marine Corps over the death of my son Ronald Johnson. They forged my son’s sigature on his SGLI form and took his beneficiary money. I fought and I won against the marines. I am a Marine mom.
    We all have a story of our own in these times. My real father was Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and he kept my life secret with all his covert cotacts. I found out about this when one member of my maternal family had the balls to speak up and tell me the truth of who my real father was. Talk about not getting justice. He died in 1974, and I lost all my heritage. I feel like crap about this. Truly,
    Sandy Hemmes

  30. Darcy Finnerman

    On March 5, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Small-town goons and big-time crooks seem to thrive in rural communities. I had a similar experience when I moved to a backwoods area of Kentucky over ten years ago with my husband.

    We ran a small business out of our home and soon learned that the local big shot had his sights set on acquiring our land for a commercial development. After several run-ins with his army of lawyers, some from as far away as Lexington, we began having mysterious problems getting our mortgage checks to clear at the town S&L. After some investigation, we uncovered this “boss hogg” wannabee was on the board of directors.

    We hired an attorney and filed a restraining order after some of this monster’s goons forced my husband’s truck off the road at gunpoint. The police were of no use — they wouldn’t act on anything.

    One day I came to my door to find two of his thugs standing there, strapped with pistols. They told me the “big man” wanted to see me. When I refused, they implied they had my husband as well and laughed.

    At hogg’s office — and I call him that because that’s what he reminded me of with the three-piece suit and big cigar — he told me he was going to “persuade” me to give him the land. Nothing I could do would stop him as he had all the cops, lawyers and dirty judges in his pocket. I had no choice but to sign a letter of intent to sell, his thugs inches from me with guns and knives.

    After we left the area, we filed suit with the federal government and found mr. big shot was on the run from the IRS and had a string of disbarred shysters in his wake.

    We never got our land back but we have had the privilege of seeing him get put away. I’m hesitant to even write his name as lots of goons on his payroll still haunt that area of KY.

    Anyway, the feds usually have something on these crooks, it’s just a matter of getting to ones that will hear you out.

    Good luck,

    Darcy F.

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    On June 9, 2010 at 9:07 am

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  32. Contempo

    On November 19, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    In Kennesaw, GA (Cobb County) the cops and the judges are crooked. Right now I am having to fight them on two different issues.

    First being, a policeman blatantly lied about my child violating curfew. In his complaint, “said accused did wander and loiter…at 0237 am without the knowledge of their parent or legal guardian and without the permission of their parent or legal guardian.” This is a blatant lie. He wrote up this complaint and did not ask the whether or not permission was given. Also my knowledge and consent was given. Now I am debating to go to court or to have an informal hearing or go through the diversion program.

    Another incident will require a lawyer with no ties to the county. Hopefully, this one will enlighten others on what to do when dealing with them.

    Pray for me and mine. We’re going to need it. I will do the same

  33. rick Thorne

    On December 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm


    Please look at his webpage:

  34. Atholl

    On February 23, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Your story is familiar throughout the world.

    What you could do is – modify your story with the addition of:
    names – (full name) of the Dirty Lawyer. eg John Adolf Hitler Scumson
    evidence – a scanned copy of vital evidence
    photos – a picture says a thousand words.
    links – a html link INTO the Dirty Lawyer’s current occupation.

    see an example at :

  35. Doug Williams

    On September 15, 2011 at 6:47 am

    Florida and the Florida Bar Ass are as dirty as the judges and the lawyers they protect . I had a lawyer Jeff Hap and the Dirty Judge Jeff Colbath steal 16,000 dollars in a divorce that should of cost 500 dollars. If anyone knows a federal lawyer I would go after the Florida Bar Association because they don’t protect Shit .

  36. Dug

    On October 8, 2011 at 5:50 am

    A judge from West Palm Beach Jeff Colbath and a lawyer Jeff Hap Stole 16,000 dollars in a divorce that should of cost 500 dollars and the Florida Bar Ass won;t do anything about it .Which makes them as dirty as the Judge

  37. natty

    On October 10, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    WHY DID YOU NOT APPEAL? Even if you lost an appeal you can ask the appeal court for a reconsideration of the facts. If that does not work you can try the U.S. Supreme Court (although hard to get a cert. in the U.S. Supreme Court………that is where the problem is! “All” merit and factual cases that are so clear on the LAW, should be submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court for review. IF, there is NOT enough Supreme Judges than elect more. IF you felt there would be biased or prejudice YOU should of insisted on a change of venue to a different court. Did you demand a jury trial? Did you submit in counter-claims? First off, YOU should of got change of venue in the matter……….ties to the ex-father in-law being a local lawyer.

  38. Very Anonymous

    On April 18, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    I am appaling for help, my sisiter is going through a horrid divorce in Pelham New Hampshire and her husband is a member of manlove, the courts are sooo crocked. He has the judges and cops all on his side an no one will not beleive me when I try to report the abuse he has put my sister trhough… an to to top it off the have the nine year old son living with the queer father whole is sharing a bed with him… This man abuses the child and leaves him alone while he goes out on the boat to have sex with his boyfriend… This is the most crooked town I have ever heard of…. NO one will allow testimony of how badly this man has abused my sister and the family…. all the while he has sex in the woods with his cop buddies…

  39. Rebecca Avery

    On April 21, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    well i have just been railroaded by the goverment and i never thought it would happen to me they just took my beautiful little girl and gave her to a convicted felon and drug addict i feel like i have lost everything why vote for anyone why care they take everything from us we are the one that votes them in we are the ones who work for pennies so they can make dollars now this bad man has my little girl and he is taking her to another state im tired of being here i cant deal with this without her i am nothing and he does not even know her

  40. tough luck

    On April 25, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    scary, no one in any of the articles found a solution…

  41. Crooked attorneys | Kikebalogun

    On May 13, 2012 at 10:48 am

    [...] Crooked Judges and Lawyers If you can’t beat them | SocybertyOct 4, 2006 … Crooked Lawyers and crooked Judges. Fighting back drawing them out of the courtroom onto my ground and in public. [...]

  42. Mary Sciota

    On November 3, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    I had a assistant district attorney named Kristen fetter laugh at me in the domestic violence courtroom of Wake County, Raleigh because I was raped, When I told her I did not want her as a lawyer anymore she had a 300 pound woman deputy take me into a small backroom where she was waiting. Fetter pinned me up against the wall and tried to slap me 5 times on the lt. side of my face. Deputy tried to punch me twice in face.
    I wrote 50 federal judges, can\’t afford lawyer, judges got pissed, case was heard in Supreme Court of US without attorney! Keep fighting GOOD LORD HELPS!

    Her boss sat on Grievance Bar and could get her out of trouble!

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