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Crossroads a Veteran Patent Stock About to Finally Come of Age?

Crossroads patent monetization efforts have hit a key juncture. Patent specialists Mark-man advisors think the company could be taking a turn towards major success.

Certain avast-garde works of art, wine and even people can sometimes take years to come into their own. The same can be true of inventions and likewise patents. That time may have finally arrived for crossroads systems inc.

After pursuing scores of patent litigation going back and more than a decade which have resulted in numerous settlements but only modest revenue the sudden widespread commercialization of crossroads

inventions may have finally matured to a point will open the doors to significant share price shifting patent licensing revenue.

Crossroads decade old patent monetize campaign may be about to come of age.

At Mark man advisors, we are seasoned patent litigation attorneys who are all registered patent attorneys with the united states patent and trademark office. We have litigated numerous high tech patent cases, on behalf of both patent holders and accused infringe, in federal districts courts throughout the country as well as at the appellate level before the federal circuit.

We are also experienced in USPTO proceedings and have advised clients across a wide swath of technical areas with respect to patent related matters.

Our base of former and current legal is diverse, from technology start up, to established corporations to investment funds.

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