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Disturbing Ritual: Muti Killings

The gruesome details are best not told. Even the African Police on investigation of the ritual later needed trauma counseling.

The world is a funny place. While we are entangled by the miseries of war, poverty and hunger we also bound our self with the arts of disturbing rituals and heinous practices to feed our appetite of flawed convictions. There are Mourning rituals of torture, there are rituals in which animals are caged and slowly tortured with nails in their ears and feet to break spirits. Many culture practices satanic rituals and have established satanic churches. There are rituals of inflicting disturbing self torture to please the Gods.  One such heinous act which has taken a form of a ritual is Muti Killings.   

What are Muti Killings?

The killings are escalating at an alarming pace in South Africa. Muti is the Zulu word for medicine and is a form of human mutilation. In cultural practice it is the art of killing the victim to take out the body parts and use them to make medicines to be used in witch craft. Muti Killings are in the lime light and authorities are working hard to put an end to this ritual. But this is easier said then done. Africa is a region of different ritual and putting an end to any is impossible. What makes this ritual so disturbing is the act of torture inflicted upon the victim before they are put to death. Different reasons are there for the torture, noticeably to please the witch craft agenda.

The victims of Muti Killings:

The true estimation is unknown. Somewhere around 300 to 500 incidents a year make it on the table as most cases are never reported or people are reported lost never to be found again. Few cases manage to emerge which portrays the gruesomeness of this ritual.

One such case is of Alice Lotter a 77 year old woman and her 57 year old daughter Helen. Both the frail women were caught in the ritual of Muti Killing where they died a slow torturous death. Forensic evidence of the body revealed torturing by being stabbed with broken glasses part all over the body and more so extreme torture on the sexual organs. One woman had her breast cut out while she was apparently alive. The gruesome details are best not told. Even the African Police on investigation of the ritual later needed trauma counseling. No one can easily forget the slow torturous death of Alice and Helen.

Where Muti Killings Stand:

Call it an occult, or disturbing ritual, its rise in African Community is alarming. The main targets for such torturous acts are mostly children and young girls. What is even more alarming is that body parts are also now used in illegal harvesting and is said to be a hot selling commodity. In the name of this disturbing rituals, organ smugglers are stepping in to make some quick bucks.

What’s more ironic, the disturbing Muti Rituals or the heinous educated business man cashing on this disturbing ritual to smuggle body parts?

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