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Five Almost Nude Photos Novi Amelia Handcuffed with Underwear

Novi Pictures Amalia who was secured in a state of almost naked still in circulation. I do not know who did it, but there is strong suspicion that the decision the photos are the officers who have access into the space police.

According to members of Commission III, Ahmad Basarah, nude photos Novi Amelia could tarnish the good name of the police. Moreover, in one of the photos, it looks as though the two officers were relaxing near Novi without trying to block shots or something.

“The actions of the body Novi exploit the unconscious under the influence of drugs is a very barbaric act and tarnished the face of the police,” he said while responding to Novie Amalia nude photos.

Members of Commission III, Aboebakar Alhabsy, said the same thing. He said the accident Novie Amelia suspects have rights that must also be met in accordance with Article 5 Permenkeh Decree No: M.04.UUM.01.06 1983.

He also revealed that the picture taker and spreader Novi Amelia be snared UU ITE. He also demanded the case be clearly revealed, no matter whether the decision Novi photo is the police or not.

“I think the police should disclose the picture taker and pass it to the internet, they can be snared by UU ITE,” he said. “There needs to be tracking who actually take the indecent images, no matter whether it’s done or not members.”

While it is a model who worked with the magazine Popular has been undergoing tests at the National Narcotics Agency and was treated at the Hospital Drug Dependence (RSKO) Cibubur. Novi attorney, Chris Sam Sewu, said that his clients are still undergoing detoxification.

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