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Get Law School Outlines From

Every law student knows that the key to success is strong outlines. What every law student doesn’t know is that they can get outlines keyed to their class, professor, law school, and casebook through Outlinedepot.

If you are in law school, you know that the key to success is having a great outline.  However, sometimes between classes, reading, internships, extra-curriculars, and trying to have some type of a social life, there are not enough hours in the day to be able to get everything done and have a great outline. It is ideal for every law student to create their own outline-because you will obviously learn more making the outline yourself–the realities of law school are that there is not always enough time to do so.  Even if you do have your own outline, sometimes you wonder whether it is complete and want another resource to supplement your own studying.  You can get get outlines for all of your classes that are specificially tailored to your casebook, to your law school, and to your professor. has a huge database of outlines created by other law students.  Below are the steps for how to get outlines for all of your law school classes, whether it’s first year classes like Contracts, Torts, Con Law, Crim Law, and Civ Pro or courses you take in later years like Evidence, Corporations, or Family Law.

The first and most simple step is to register for at

Once you have registered,  you can search for outlines by school, professor, class, or textbook (casebook).  You will be able to see a preview of the outlines available before downloading them.

In order to download an outline you must have at least 1 credit.  Outlinedepot charges 1 credit per outline.  Credits may be earned by either uploading outlines or purchasing credits.

You earn one credit per outline you upload.  Prior to earning credit for the upload, your outline must be approved by  The approval process can take one to two days.  Please be advised that outlines are approved by various people and even though an outline may be rejected the first time, you may submit it a second time and get it approved.  Also, please note that sometimes rejections are due to failure to state the casebook, class name, law school, or professor in the outline.  These deficiencies can be easily corrected allowing the outline to be resubmitted and approved.  If there are already recent outlines for your specific class, professor & casebook on your outline will not be approved. Therefore, it can be tough to get first year outlines approved unless you have something new and different to offer. So get your outlines uploaded asap, especially if you have a visiting professor or a unique class.

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