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High Profile Companies’ Under The Radar Behavior-a True Story

Is it just a facade? Benefit packages at work help lure job searchers to a company they feel they can trust. Trusting that they will provide what they stated they will. Unfortunately, this isn’t true in the real world. This is what happened to an innocent employee.

In the words of the employee, Sky D. Shadow.

I worked for Pharmavite, LLC., from 1998 to 2007. I had heard stories about Jim Boyd the human resources representative calling injured workers and being mean and ridiculous from other employees. July 25, 2007, I had a work dispute with the acting manager, after years of stress on the job. This, a day after a newer co-worker nearly hit me in the face with a product, and I had to report it politely to make sure management and human resources were aware – the company claimed to abide by “Zero Tolerance”, Pharmavite, LLC., Handbook – Paul Bolar the acting manager threatened me for that co-worker. I became shocked and nervous. Paul used to be the head of the legal department you’d think he knew how to act. I emailed him and copied Jim Boyd the human resources representative on the fact that Paul’s behavior made me nervous among other comments I made regarding past incidents that were a concern. That was a Wednesday, July 25, 2007, I thought I’d be fine and will be back that following Monday and asked they don’t retaliate when I come back. Unfortunately, I had to go to the outpatient at Facey on my way home. The doctor ordered I call human resources and get on Workers’ Compensation and to get out of that department. If and when I would be able to work I shouldn’t in that capacity, with that crew. I called Jim Boyd and left him a voice mail. I wasn’t thinking about what I heard in the past about him until he returned my call and told me as if it was an order that nothing happened at work. Paul Bolar’s been his friend for 20 years. And that I have problems at home.

Jim finally agreed to send forms and a doctor’s list to me that never arrived. I did get a call from Solmaz Robinson from Liberty Mutual in Glendale. She rushed me off the phone to call Paul and Homa Wahidi the co-worker mentioned earlier. Then, I received a denial letter dated 10 days after the DOI.

I found the attorneys I had were a waste of time. First I had Frank Canter, I didn’t get medical attention through him. I was paying for it on my own. I was offered local medical treatment from Perona, Langer, Beck, Serbin, and Mendoza to only sign up and then they sent me 50 miles away. I couldn’t do that. They tricked me into signing with them. Then, I get a letter Frank Canter had set up a deposition. It was for the following February but moved to April. I signed back up with him. Things weren’t going right at all. His staff hadn’t even submitted any of the evidence I faxed over to the attorney at Rifenbark & Wolf, Liberty’s attorney Tina Eckstein waved a page stating that’s all she had. I had to wait two hours for my attorney to show up. Then, when I finally saw a QME he was a quack! I had eight pages of errors, libel, etc. in my report that I complained to my attorney and he didn’t even file a complaint to the Medical Board on my behalf so I was suspicious. He seemed to be on Pharmavite’s side. I didn’t know this attorney. I found him online and he said he did all kind of cases and took it. I ended up finding a different Mendoza’s office so I was told and signed up to get treatment locally. Only to find they lied to me and they were actually the same group of attorneys in the same building with a different suite number and phone number. This group wanted me to go 70 miles to Los Angeles for treatment after telling me I’m going to go to a local doctor.

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