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La Cosa Nostra Dead???

Article On La Cosa Nostra (the mafia)

Many people believe so, but are they really? Although many people would like to believe so the flame has not been extinguished. As the F.B.I and Police Force is getting more technologically advanced and moving with the times so have La Cosa Nostra. Moving out of the spot light and underground they are still here not as dominate as before due to the F.B.I cracking down and gangs taking over the territory.

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  Now in modern day La Cosa Nostra has been showing that they are still here especially in Montreal, Canada were “Mob Wars” are starting to arise. Multiple alleged mob hits seem to be occurring in Montreal and southern Ontario. Targeting the Rizzuto Crime Family, Run by Vito Ruzzuto and as a result his eldest son was gunned down in broad daylight.

  As the times change the crime families have to move with it to keep making capital. Most traditional and famous ways of making money the mob way include: Loan Sharking, arms dealing, extortion, money laundering, book keeping…… Today the mob has added some new ways to their extensive list such as computer hacking, identity theft, passport fraud, smuggling, copyright infringement and the list goes on and on.

  After reviewing all of this the question still remains is La Cosa Nostra here to stay? In my opinion for now they don’t seem to be going anyway, but when giving time they will slip up and be brought down again.

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