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Lawyers for Low Income Individuals

The article explains how low income individuals can obtain free legal representation by applying for a volunteer lawyer to handle their cases.


Because of the day to day challenges of just trying to survive in a world that continually counts them out, low income individuals have a hard time finding legal representation. Many low income individuals face such legal issues as domestic abuse, discrimination, unfair housing, litigation, bankruptcy and civil issues. Without the proper legal representations for these issues, low income individuals become further entrapped in situations that continue to destroy the quality of their lives.

Volunteer Lawyers

However, there is hope for the low income individual: the Volunteer Lawyer.  The volunteer lawyer is responsible for providing advocacy and advisory services for those low income clients who cannot afford private legal services.  Private legal services can be very expensive, costing the client thousands of dollars at each stage of the proceedings. However, for low income individuals, such lawyers’ fees are overwhelmingly impossible.

Finding a Lawyer

Finding a volunteer lawyer isn’t difficult. Low income individuals must contact their local government centers or other legal agencies via phone or internet to connect with a volunteer lawyer. Usually, volunteer lawyers are scarce. While there may be hundreds of low income clients waiting to see a volunteer lawyer, only a limited number are available at any given time to take on specific cases. Usually, clients are accepted on a first come, first serve bases. Nevertheless, the likelihood of a client’s case being accepted is high.

Needed Materials

Before meeting with a volunteer lawyer, a client must bring all the necessary documents regarding his or her case.  For example, if a case has to do with an accident, a litigation, taxes or civil suit involving various disagreements, all the necessary documents must be presented in order for the agency can assign the volunteer lawyer that is right for the case. In order for a volunteer lawyer to get a correct assessment for the case, all the evidence must be available.  Lawyers will be able to explain the proper legal procedures as well as inform the clients of his or her legal rights and options.

Legal Specializations

Low income individuals can find lawyers specializing in a number of cases, including bankruptcy, civil and criminal cases, divorce, taxes, probate, insurance, and environment.  Clients will find that volunteer lawyers have a good foundation of the basic issues of each case. They are also committed to gaining additional knowledge via research if necessary.  Volunteer lawyers offer the same degree of professionalism and dedication as do lawyers receiving pay for private service.

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