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Lindsay Lohan Will Not Sure Arrested for Hit-and-run

After hitting a pedestrian, Lindsay Lohan (LiLo) New York police reportedly detained. However,LiLo believes he will not be imprisoned again.

Lindsay Lohan (Photo: Celebrityviplounge)


It revealed his lawyers. According to LiLo, she will not be arrested because the incident did not hit the victim,Jose Rodriguez. Thus quoted from Justjared.

LiLo has been reported by Jose Rodriguez hit a running in the parking lot at a hotel in New York, Wednesday, September 19, local time. Because of the collision, Jose suffered a knee injury and was treated at the hospital.

But after the incident, the star of Mean Girls is actually leaving and attending events at the hotel until 2:00 am. Once out of the hotel, she immediately arrested by police who were waiting for him.

“They should emphasize the indictments against those who make false accusations and wasting time and effort of law enforcement,” the representative said Lindsay.

Previously, LiLo was sentenced to probation for jewelry theft case. Stars Liz &Dick rose often deal with the law because of his dependence on alcohol.

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