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Love in Black and White – Stanley’s Cocoa Office Goddess

This story is a dedication to interracial lovers. Interracial relationships are no longer taboo. Follow your heart and expand your horizons because you never know where you’ll find love.

Stanley Ashton, sits in his office at Oxford Law firm impatiently waiting for his new secretary, Shaniqua Brown to come and meet him personally after numerous phone calls that they shared about the job opening. The name rings a bell, but he cant place a face with the name that rings in his ears like an orchestra.

    Shaniqua dressed in a silk floral dress with shoulder length auburn brown hair hanging down with a gold head board that compliments her cocoa brown complexion darts up into Mr. Ashton’s office. In the office, she cant help but to Stanley’s model appearance, standing six feet tall with a shiny olive complexion, high cheek bones, and well manicured hands as he put them there to greet her. He is instantly intrigued by the full figured cocoa goddess that was standing before him, Shaniqua Brown. Finally the name had a face, his high school sweet heart.

  Shaniqua realized that Stanley was no longer the shy skinny white with freckles who giggled and blush every time she sat next to him in class. In fact he was a well known lawyer who knew people from high places, he knew twelve languages ( French, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Creole, Romanian, Greek, Swahili, Arabic, Russian, Polish,and mandarin, and he had eight degrees from Yale University. Not only was she infatuated with his professionalism and educational background, she worshipped his style and model like appearance.

   The two began to engage in a conversation about her employment at the law firm. She was so thrilled about her employment at the well know law firm and working by Stanley’s side, but she was wondering why he hired her so quickly and wanted her to work on the same day. Stanley held her in his arms with an warm embrace that most couples will envy and said ” I only hire the best and Honey you are by far  only good, you are a very educated, incredible goddess”. Shaniqua was 

shocked yet blushing on his words.

     He escorts Shaniqua into a spacious office that was outlined with granite floors with marble walls that complimented a cherry wood desk with a brown leather chair and an up to date dell lap top.She couldn’t help but to be intrigued by the expensive, sterile look of the office. Stanley quietly said “This is your office, you are more than welcome to do whatever you want here, your name is already in the door, this office is only a symbol of what your beauty means to me”. She was left speechless and jumped into her work which entailed typing out messages and cases and talking to Stanley’s clients. Just as quick cases rolled in, they rolled out. Although Stanley was a perfectionist who was hard to satisfy, he was very delighted and greatly appreciated what Shaniqua was bringing into his business. He glanced into her office and wickedly smiled as if he had a dirty little inside joke of some sort.

    Days tuned into months and eventually nine years went past. They were inseparable, as Stanley chauffeured in his Lamborghini and catered to her every need. Shaniqua had became his dream bride and the mother of two of his daughters. Shaniqua has never been devoted to any other man at any time in her life as much as she was and still is to Stanley.. Stanley is and will always love and be in love with his Cocoa office Goddess, Shaniqua Lanae Ashton

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