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Marriage Reconciliation and Related Questions

Questions about reconciliation after divorce, reconciliation after separation and other aspects of marital reconciliation law often arise when couples decide to reconcile. This article answers the most common legal questions on reconciliation.

What is the meaning of marriage reconciliation? <br>

When two people who have separated or have filed for a divorce rethink their decision about ending their marriage, it is called marriage reconciliation. The spouses may have a chance to reconsider their decisions and think about reconciliation before the divorce is finalized. If a couple decides on this, the divorce may be put on hold. Answered below are some of the most commonly asked questions about reconciliation: <br><br>

How is marital reconciliation defined? Can someone move in and out of a relationship due to financial reasons while waiting for the divorce to be finalized? <br>

When the parties involved in a divorce request the court to dismiss the divorce process, it is called marital reconciliation. An individual may not be legally penalized for moving in and out of a relationship till the divorce process is dismissed. <br><br>

What is reconciliation according to the family law of Canada? <br>

According to the divorce act of Canada, attorneys may have the legal right to ensure that there is a good reason for reconciliation. Canada has a one year statute for granting divorces. According to this statute, “A period during which spouses have lived separate and apart shall not be considered to have been interrupted or terminated by reason only that either spouse has become incapable of forming or having intention to continue to live separate and apart or of continuing to live separate and apart of the spouses own volition, if it appears to the court that the separation would probably have continued if the spouse had not become so incapable or by reason only that the spouses have resumed cohabitation during the period of, or periods totaling, not more than ninety days without reconciliation as its primary purpose.” <br><br>

Will a person’s standing in a divorce proceeding be affected if he/she speaks to his/her spouse about reconciliation during the divorce process? <br>

Most of the times spouses may be permitted to discuss reconciliation during the divorce process and this may not affect either spouse’s standing in the divorce. However, the one spouse may use anything that the other spouse said against him/her during the divorce proceeding. <br><br>

Should an individual request for a separation agreement within a specific time frame? Will this agreement change if the couple reconciles and stays together for more than a year and then separates again? <br>

A separation agreement may be treated like a legal contract. The court may take a look at all the evidence available before deciding if the reconciliation is more important than the divorce or not. This decision may differ from case to case. <br><br>

An individual committed adultery in South Carolina. He/she requested for reconciliation and failed. How long will it take to finalize the divorce in such a situation and how much would the person get in equity? <br>

Most of the times, in situations like the one mentioned above, the marital property may be split equally. The person may not be given <a href=””>alimony</a> because of the adultery. However, any property that is “separate property” may not be divided. Some of the property that is considered to be separate property is inheritance, any property owned before marriage, personal injury awards and any gifts given to only one spouse. <br><br>

People may have a range of thoughts in their heads at the time of marital reconciliation. Various questions about how the relationship may work, whether it may work at all or not, etc., may arise in a person’s mind. One may <a href=””>ask a family lawyer</a> to get more information about marriage reconciliation and the laws governing it.

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