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New Tax Rate for The American Wealthy

Time to let the rich pay for the poor.

This week Obama had announced that it is possible that new tax laws would be aim straight towards the Americans wealthy. This means the time of wealthy escaping the tax could no longer exist in American history. Obama is seeking to raise $447 billion from this new tax law and stimulate the countries economy

Analysis had claim that the this law is specifically aimed at the wealthy is for the purpose of generating more captial within the government and lower the debt rate. However, other hold different opinion. Other think that is is possible for the Americans government to pass this law but the effect is inifnitsimal. The tax payment would only raise small amount of captial around the country. Rich on the other hand has already store most of its wealth in tax free countries like small island nations on the Pacific platform. 

Here is a video about the rising of poverty in the States.

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