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Pulling in The Reinforcements

Tips for small firms battling the big guys or big firms being more conscious of the way they are doing business.

Tips for small firms battling the big guys or big firms being more conscious of the way they are doing business

Feel like a small fish in a big sea? Or adjusting to the economic pressures to work and spend smarter?  Be just as prepared as opposing counsel without the costly overhead!  In this information age, consumers are more educated about what they’re purchasing, where they can get the best value, and how to get just what they want with or without all the bells and whistles.  Take iTunes as an example.  This music and media-downloading powerhouse is flourishing because Apple recognized that consumers were getting smarter and wanted more control over their purchases.  Now, with the unbundling of digital media, consumers have a choice to purchase just one song, all their favorite hits from an album, or the whole shebang, each with a varying cost that meets their needs.

Why should the legal industry be any different?

By unbundling services and drawing on the expertise of qualified resources, you free yourself up to do what you do best without the cost of the “full album”. 

This parallel functions on two levels.  First, outsourcing your medical record review to qualified experts such as legal nurse consultants unbundles your services, which has multiple benefits:

. Ensures expert quality review of the pulse of your injury cases: the medical records
. Provides cost savings that you can pass along to your client
. Allows your time to be used to focus on higher-level tasks or take on more casework
. Frees up your co-counsel and paralegals’ time to help support you in more meaningful ways

Second, utilizing the expertise of a legal nurse consulting firm that unbundles their own services results in:

. Maximum value
. Purposeful services
. Complete control

Let’s take a moment to look at the first parallel.  Having your medical records reviewed by a specialist such as a Legal Nurse Consultant for injury-related cases not only provides you with excellent intel and analysis to help build your litigation strategies.  A record review firm can provide multi-specialty expertise, robust analysis, and holistic investigation of the medical records compared with an expensive physician with a singular focus or an attorney/paralegal who should be freed up to focus energies on other higher-level tasks.  Medical records are arguably the most vital element to any injury-related case, but they often get neglected until the last minute or they consume invaluable time.  With an expert reviewer in your corner, you can rest assured that the medical records are in good hands and will only boost your preparation for litigation.  Plus, with all the time that you and staff save by not having to sift through stacks of medical records trying to understand their content and the implications on pre-existing injuries and future care, you can spend more time building your strategy and preparing for other aspects of litigation.  The savings you can pass on to your client is just a bonus – and makes you even more valuable to them.

Now that you’ve unbundled, it’s the medical record reviewer’s turn.  Not all cases warrant the full, all-inclusive, bring out the big guns, kit and caboodle treatment.  Depending on phase of litigation, damages potential, type of injuries, past medical history, and numerous other factors, a medical record review may warrant anything from a brief screening or evaluation to a detailed, in-depth analysis.  And the cost of these services should reflect this range of purpose.  But the value shouldn’t waiver – it should match the need. 

When people choose only one song on an album, it’s because the $0.99 or $1.29 matches the value they place on the enjoyment of owning that song.  The $14.99 it would cost to buy the whole album for the enjoyment of just one song diminishes the value of the desired song and may even deter the consumer from buying.  With this model in mind, you should be in control of choosing “one song” or the “full album” of medical record review, whichever is the most valuable to you.  Don’t settle for the antiquated approach of bundled services.  Get the most bang for your buck, the highest return on your investment, and the right services to match your needs.

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