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Questions About Driveway Laws

What are driveway laws? Are driveway laws different in different parts of USA? Do driveway laws govern shared driveways as well? Read this article to get answers to these and other such questions about driveway laws.

Many people seem to wonder what driveway laws are. These questions may especially arise if two or more people share a driveway or have a neighbor who may be blocking the driveway always. According to the Highway Code, driveway rules determine who may and may not park their vehicles on the driveways. Answered below are some of the important questions about shared driveways: <br><br>

Are there any laws in the state of Pennsylvania that look into the matters of shared driveways between two houses? <br>

There may be no set law that deals with shared driveways in the state of Pennsylvania. In such a case, a private property easement agreement will determine the rights of all the owners. The owner of the property will also have to create a written easement agreement that will help to determine the rights and responsibilities of all the owners who want to share the driveway. Each of the parties involved will be allowed to use the driveway fairly in the absence of such an agreement. Sometimes, such situations can lead to legal issues that need to be resolved in court because some people may not follow rules and regulations that are not given in the form of an agreement. <br><br>

A person in Michigan has used a driveway for 18 years. His/her neighbor states that the driveway is on his/her property. What laws will apply to such a situation? <br>

In such a situation, the person may have to claim the ownership of the property on which the driveway is situated. He/she may have to get a title of the real estate to establish ownership over the driveway. However, he/she should first meet certain criteria. These are actual possession of the driveway, open use of the driveway, use the driveway fairly and completely and continuous use of the driveway. The legal time required to establish ownership over the driveway would be 5 years in the state of Michigan if the person who is claiming ownership has the title by the court. It would be 10 years if the claimant has the title of the property by a tax deed and it would take 15 years to establish ownership under any other situation. <br><br>

What legal action can a person take if his/her neighbor’s tree has fallen down in his/her driveway and damaged a back wall? <br>

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