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Sample Test Questions in Politics, Government, and Constitution

Multiple Choices. Write the letter of answer on the space provided before each number. Do not encircle. Erasures or change of answers are considered wrong in all items of this exam. Encircled letter is likewise wrong.

______ 1) It is the power inherent in the sovereign State to levy or impose charges upon persons, property, occupation, and others, to defray the expenses of the government and to enable it to fully discharge its functions.

            a.) police power             b.) taxation                    c.) constitution               d.) power of eminent domain

______ 2) It is the fundamental law of the land.

            a.) civil code                  b.) constitution               c.) penal code                d.) statutes

______ 3) It is a term which refers to the registered voter of the State.

a.) citizen                      b.) electorate                 c.) resident                    d.) constituent

______ 4) It is a prelude to the written Constitution.

            a.) national territory        b.) preamble                  c.) state                                    d.) constitutional convention

______ 5) The House of Representatives in the Philippines belongs to what branch of government as stated in Article VI of the 1987 Constitution?

            a.) executive branch       b.) legislative branch       c.) judicial branch           d.) independent branch

______ 6) It refers to the automatic adoption of international law as part of the domestic law of the country.

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