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Stopping DUI Incidence: A Collective Effort

Over the years, DUI has been one of the top reasons for road accidents, causing thousands of injuries and even death to some. The Department of Transportation and the NHTSA has been doing everything that they can to keep people from driving under the influence. However, stopping DUI should be a multi-faceted approach. To ensure the government program’s effectiveness, the citizens should take its part by not driving after drinking.

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The Department of Transportation through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has time and again been working hard to push their campaigns against drunk driving. The agency have worked hand-in-hand with various state government’s agencies like California’s California Highway Patrol (CHP) to help promote their programs and help intensify operations against DUI drivers. These state agencies on the other hand have done their part in complying with the NHTSA’s request.

This collaboration between federal and state agencies proved to be working well as annual reports about DUI-driving induced accidents have been going down through the years. However, recent news items about drunk driving have been showing otherwise. Lately, television news items and stories you read on various news sites have something to do with drunk drivers getting apprehended or getting involved in an accident.

For example, last Friday, March 22, 2013, there have been two DUI arrests in 3 hit and run incidents in Ventura County alone. The three incidents happened between a 40-minute span from 10:14 p.m. and 10:54 p.m.

First, a white Corvette stuck an unoccupied vehicle along the 1400 block of Dudley Avenue before it crashed into a fence at Junipero Serra School around 10:15 p.m. According to reports, the three occupants of the Corvette fled on foot.

Second, another hit-and-run collision happened along the 300 block of East Main Street where a dark-colored sedan struck several unoccupied parked vehicles on the street. The driver of the car proceeded to drive, leaving the cars he stuck damaged. Minutes later, the car was located on the 800 block of West Main St. where the car’s driver, Ventura resident, 42-year-old Toni Hicks was arrested for DUI driving and hit-and-run.

To cap off the police’s long night, another hit-and-run incident was reported along the 5000 block or Olivas Park Drive. The victim reported that a white SUV struck them bur continued driving eastbound. The vehicle was then located by police along the 3000 block of Johnson Drive where 33-year-old Port Hueneme resident Birdgette Gutzmer was arrested for DUI driving and carrying a concealed loaded handgun.

Now isn’t it funny that these reports about DUI driving keep popping up in spite of the government’s aggressive campaign against it? DUI has been one of the major reasons why car accidents happen. These accidents cause damage to property, or gets people injured, worse dead. A Santa Monica personal injury attorney noted that DUI incidence is usually high during night time, the same time when the reported incidents happened. That said, sobriety tests and other campaigns against DUI should be done during those times.

There are still many DUI incidents reported day in and day out. If anything, while the statistics prove that the government’s campaign against DUI is working, it needs to be intensified. More than the government’s initiative, the citizenry should also play an active role in stopping DUI. If you suspect anybody who’s driving under the influence, you should call the authorities to report them. Also, if you have been drinking, please do not go on and drive. Or if you happen to be with someone drunk who still wants to drive, please encourage them not to. In the end, working together with the government will help make these programs successful and our roads safer.

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