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The Three Most Important Amendments in The Bill of Rights

My opinion of what the Three Most Important Amendments in the Bill of Rights are that America has.

The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Every amendment in the Bill of Rights was carefully deliberated and voted in favor of after much discussion.  An amendment is a change in the Constitution for the best interest of the people. Amendments one, four, and eight in the Bill of Rights stand out among the others.  They are the freedom of religion and speech, the searches and seizes, and the punishment for crimes amendments.  These three are the most important of all of the amendments in the Bill of Rights.  

It is important that we have amendment one, which allows American citizens the freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and petition.  Freedom of religion is very important to our country, as individuals should be allowed to worship the one true God, or anything else they want.  Citizens should be allowed to make whatever comments they would want about the government and not get punished or thrown in jail.  Without this amendment Americans would be afraid of the government and afraid to be vocal if the government is involved in wrong doing.  Humans like to express their feelings to the world and because of this amendment can assemble in a group and in unison complain if unhappy about anything.

Amendment number four disallows searches and seizes of people’s property and this amendment is the second most important in the Bill of Rights.  It should always be up to owners as to whether or not people are able to search through their personal belongings.  No one would like to have others looking through personal documents that are meant for them only.  This amendment also restricts the power of the government.

Amendment number eight enforces the fair treatment of criminals and disallows charging enormous bail amounts on people who are arrested.  This is the third most important amendment in the Bill of Rights.  If this amendment had not been put into affect then citizen’s punishment could be too unfitting for the crime committed.  For example, executing someone for stealing an item would be too immoral.  It is also corrupt to over charge on someone’s bail.  Setting bail on someone for all the money that person has could drive people into chaos and revolt.  This amendment, too, monitors the government, disallowing the torture of citizens for information.

Although, all ten amendments in the Bill of Rights are beneficial to our country, amendments one, four, and eight are most important.  People need to be allowed to tell their thoughts in public without being put in jail.  Should an individual end up in jail, they don’t want to get abused there or have to pay a huge bail amount for their release.  Finally, citizens want to keep their items to their selves and not have them rummaged through.  These amendments are essential for the citizens in the United States and for the continuation of a proper and secure county.

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