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What Would Life be Like in The Us Without The Constitution?

Just an essay on life without the Constitution.

Life in the U.S. Without the Constitution

The Constitution has been around for nearly two hundred years; it’s still intact! It must be a very important document if it has been around for quite a long time. The United States government still follows it as well. It is basically a guideline for the government and for its people. It consists of seven articles and twenty-seven amendments. Without the constitution, the United States would not really even be united at all. The people from different regions or states would be making their own rules or laws without any regard to how it would effect other regions or people. There would not be any guidelines to govern the people as a whole. Life in the United States, without a constitution, would be very hectic.

The constitution contains six basic principles. The first basic principle is popular sovereignty. Under this principle, all political power resides in the people. This means that we, the people, choose who we want in the office, or who we want to be president. If we didn’t have the right to vote, then the government would be in total control of who would run for office. This might upset a lot of people and cause disputes between the citizens and the government. Another basic principle is limited government. This principle states that no government has absolute and total power. A government may only do things that the people have given it the power to do. Another way to put it, is that government must obey the law, just like the citizens-also known as constitutionalism. This concept is also known as rule of law. Rule of law states that government and it’s officers are never above the law. If the Constitution did not exist, then there wouldn’t be a limited government. For all we know we could be under absolute power and not have any freedom. If the government held all of the power, then they could control what we watch on the television! Separation of powers is yet another one of the six basic principles. This was the idea that the basic powers are distributed between three different and independent branches. These branches are: legislative branch, executive branch, and the judicial branch. Without the three separate branches, our government would probably be very unorganized. Furthermore,There would not be any checks and balances between the three different branches of the government, if the three branches didn’t exist. Checks and balances is very important because it lets one branch check over and review another, keeping any of the branches from becoming too powerful.

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