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When Does Police Use of Force Become Excessive or Unjustified?

I am always uncomfortable answering these type of questions; because I believe the police try their hardest in everything they do, and I respect them totally.

Excessive force is  used when there really isn’t a reason for it. Such an example would be the “Rodney King” incident whereas I am sure everyone is familiar with. Excessive force is brutal beatings regarding a suspect who has a record, and the police have a vendetta against that person.
     Excessive force would be to handcuff someone in back of the police car; when there isn’t a real reason why that person should be questioned; except he was black and fit the black man’s description.  This happens in racial profiling also.
     Excessive force is beating up a teenager for status type crimes, loud music, graffiti, and truancy. I pretty much think that excessive force is used when there is an arrest and the inmate shows up in the jail with a battered face with bones broken around the eyes.   I saw this a lot when I worked in the jail.  The inmates were also beat up in the jail, and were picked up if they didn’t have a place to go, beat up again and brought back to the jail. This is why I quit working in the jail.

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