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Why Copyright Trolls Need to Die Before They Kill Someone

Why Copyright Trolls are nothing but extortion rackets.

Prenda Law has a well established reputation as a Copyright Troll. They’re about as well loved as Charles Carreon (Go ahead, sue me as well for using your oh so precious trademarked name in a negative fashion. See how well that holds up in court.). However, this time, they nearly pushed a man over the edge. In fact, all Copyright Trolls seem to have managed to piss off the internet. I know it’s possible to piss off people on the internet, but it actually seems that these Copyright Trolls have managed to piss off the entire internet. Just Google copyright trolls and see what I’m talking about. Well guess what, also according to my research, there’s a definition that seems to suit these trolls quite well.

Definition of EXTORT

Transitive Verb

To obtain from a person by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power.


As you can see from this correspondence, it would appear that this copyright troll is trying to intimidate the “defendant” into paying money. Ergo, extorting money. It’s been a common tactic time and time and time again. I say it’s time we stand and fight to make Copyright Trolling illegal. It’s extortion, plain and simple. It’s time these companies are shut down as extortion rackets. They deserve as much. Post your comments on what you think we (the internet) should do about these trolls! (Please keep Anonymous style tactics out. Something more permanent than DDOS [which remains a crime at the moment, albeit I find it no different than a sit-in protest at a bank/restaurant/anywhere].)

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