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Can be Vegetarian and Eat Meat at a Time?

According flexitarianism, a lover of veggies can permit certain licenses. Learn more about this practice here.

What if a vegetarian decides to take a break one day a week and during that time to enjoy a good barbecue, burger or beef stuff. Once I completed this lunch may still be considered a vegetarian? Questionable, right?

I´ll speak of flexitarianism, a term that describes a person on a vegetarian diet most of time but if not find anything to eat or simply provoked, has complete freedom to feed on any kind of meat.

But what if it were a little more flexible and accept the turkey sandwich at Starbucks? Just for today? Well, in that case, and to use the correct term, I happen to be vegetarian to be flexitarian. Plain and simple, no remorse.

Part time vegetarian, semi-vegetarian or flexitarian is the same. This strange term, which appears in various publications on nutrition since 2003, describes a person on a vegetarian diet most of time but, if it falls by chance on a barbecue, if you pass near a hot dog car, if in the mall have not to eat or just once aroused, is entirely free to eat any meat. Not much, but it can.

On second thought, ninety percent of my closest friends eat meat. But that does not necessarily disprove the vegetarian diet. In fact, I remember having a discussion about vegetarianism with them sometime. So I encourage you to think that, like them, many people generally do not disqualify a vegetarian diet, it seems good but “there no more”, or “never so much.” Does it seem too radical?, ¿Inflexible? Maybe I would like to eat healthier, as long as a weekend  can pass McDonalds is comfortable.

I do not know what the amount of meat you can eat a flexitarian before becoming carnivorous, or how often can or should eat, but certainly this new way of eating has proved appealing to many people. It has spread everywhere and even has its spokesmen. But is not this a way to remove the guilt?, ¿Feel without being vegetarian?, Is it a fad, or does the process will flexitarianism before becoming a vegetarian? I do not know.

Right now, I encourage you to promote a type of food that includes animals, however, ways of eating, for there, and I’m sure that issues of environmental stewardship, health and animal protection, the reduce significantly the consumption of meat would be too helpful. They can think, evaluate, discuss, question or accept it.

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