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Different Types of Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is both a diet preference and a way of life.

Many people assume that vegetarians belong to a single group of people that does not eat meat or dairy. But as much as there are different reasons for going vegetarian, the types of vegetarian also vary. They are classified according to the kind of food they prefer to consume.

A vegetarian is basically defined as someone who does not eat meat, whether it’s red meat or white meat. But there are vegetarians who go for a diet that includes dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese. This type of vegetarian is called a lacto ovo vegetarian. (Lacto is Latin for “milk,” ovo is Latins for “egg”). Lacto ovo vegetarians consume eggs, milk, and cheese and other food products that contain these ingredients. A lacto vegetarian, however, consumes milk and cheese products, but does not eat eggs and other foods that contain egg.

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A vegan is someone who does not eat or use any animal product or by-product, such as dairy food. A vegan’s diet is plant-based and this includes vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes. They avoid any product that may have been processed with a substance derived from animal products. Veganism is both a diet preference and a lifestyle, as it strictly adheres to a no-meat diet and a way of life that respects living things that have blood.

Fruitarians are another type of vegetarian. They eat only fruits, because they believe that fruits are a gift from the earth and are the most natural type of food.

All the above mentioned vegetarians eat cooked vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes. However, some vegetarians have taken a step further by moving towards a raw food regimen. Raw food eaters believe that cooking food reduces the significant nutrients already present in its uncooked state. Raw fruits and vegetables, therefore, will provide more vitamins and nutrients to their consumers.

If you ever decide to become a vegetarian, consult a physician or a nutrition expert about the necessary proteins and vitamins you need to maintain good health.

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